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We're looking for other comedy food blogs ... like ... The Bruni Digest ... and Drones Club ...

Drones Club, written by Cornelius Bear, is a satire of food blogging ... our only complaint is that Mr. Bear doesn't post more often ... some of our favorite posts:

Breakfast with Ekaterina (of sorts)

I have Pay Pal!

Trial run of the cooking program.

The Bruni Digest, by Jules Langbein (a member of the Weiner Philaharmonic) ... "In which I sit on a dirt mound somewhere in Brooklyn with my ears pricked, waiting for New York Times head restaurant critic Frank Bruni, who I imagine to be a Venetian count in a huge ruffled collar, to dole out stars from the inside breast pocket of his brocaded chamber robe. This blog is predicated on the suggestion that every Wednesday, in the Times Dining Out section, Frank lays a huge faberge egg of hilarity." ... includes many funny photos ... some of our Digest favorites are

Cendrillon: I Almost Entrechat Myself

Koi: If I Could Turn Back Toro

BLT Fish: Don't Tell Rita!!!! Tom Hanks Has a Bastard Baby...

Stanton Social: Best of the Best Mediocrity

The Red Cat: What Kind of Cat do YOUUUUU Think It Is?

If you know of other comedy food blogs, please let us know about them in the comments ... or send us an email aguyinnewyork [at] gmail

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Forced to Sing Show Tunes - Freedom of Speech on the Subway

The next time you're riding the subway and you become part of someone's captive audience, think about this story ... "Freedom to Preach" from Englishman in New York.

Perhaps hearts sank when the doors closed at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, and the evangelist, a slight, black woman dressed in a black frock, which sprouted white frills, began exalting the Lord. Or perhaps spirits were raised ("thank God, for it is still too early to appreciate another guitar-playing Latino"). Either way, the preacher failed in her duty of reaching out to the one in the carriage she may have thought needed saving the most when she addressed the subject of "gay evils."

An Asian woman, slightly rectangular in build, rose a full 5ft 1ins from her seat and beseeched the bible reader to cease her proclamations: "Why do people like you always have to do this? Can’t you just let these people travel in peace?"

But the people did not want to travel in peace and the riders rose in unison and turned on the short-haired devil: "Let her speak! Let her speak! Freedom of speech," came the cry from a sizeable and wholly black section of the carriage, all of above average age and of a mainly female persuasion. "Let her testify."

But the Lord worketh in mysterious ways. And the woman refuseth to back down, warning: "If you do not be quiet, I shall be forced to sing show tunes."

To find out which show tunes are useful in these situations ... you will have to read the whole thing ... and then read the showtune singer's account here ... it's good she didn't have her ukulele with her ...

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