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Coney Island - Classic Wooden Coaster & Circus Sideshow

Coney Island ... the birthplace of the hot dog ... has many attractions ... classic wooden coaster ... great minor league baseball ... the last 10-in-1 circus sideshow in America ... aquarium ... 150-foot tall Ferris wheel ...

The Cyclone at Astroland
The Cyclone, at Astroland - THE classic wooden coaster ...

Review in New York photos

New York Aquarium at Coney Island

10-in-1 circus sideshow
Sideshows by the Seashore ... "the last place in the USA where you can experience the thrill of a traditional ten-in-one circus sideshow. They're here, they're real and they're alive!"

The Brooklyn Cyclones, a Mets affiliate, play in KeySpan Park ... fireworks at Friday night games ...

Ferris Wheel
The Wonder Wheel at Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park ... has both swinging and stationary cars

Coney Island Tourist FAQ

1000 Surf Ave. (Corner of West 10th St), Brooklyn, NY

Subway interactive map | schedules | HopStop: D, Q, F train to Stillwell Avenue (last stop)

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Roller Coaster - Kingda Ka

OK, this is not in New York ... but some New Yorkers spend as much time commuting to work as they would driving ... to ride the Kingda Ka ... an amazing new roller coaster located at 6 Flags in New Jersey ... 456 feet tall ... it reaches a top speed of 128 mph ... going UP ... lines will be long ... if you're at all queasy, make sure you have a designated driver for the trip back to the City ...

Update: Kingda Ka reopened August 4th ... and you can use an optional reservation service at the park ($ fee) so you don't have to stand in line for hours ...

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