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Beacon and La Goulue

Last week, I had two very enjoyable "Restaurant Week" lunches with my haute-cuisine partner at Beacon and La Goulue...

The plank-wood roasted oysters at Beacon are worth a return trip! Sorry to report that the peach melba at La Goulue was sub-par because it was Libby's canned peaches, mon dieu! But I loved their grilled squid on a bed of fresh green salad as a starter and the pan-seared striped bass. A glass of the house-white cost $13. Mon dieu! At Beacon, two glasses of a muscadet and a red cost $6!

Lunch at La Goulue was very fabuloso with all the beautiful people... I started with a plate of grilled calamari (squid) on a bed of green salad. Very well prepared with the correct squid texture and a fine salad dressing. Next was a plate of pan-seared striped bass on a bed on potatoes and a orange-squash sauce. Very well prepared dish with very fresh fish, moist and not over-seared. Finally a peach melba ... canned peaches, mon dieu!!! I thought I was eating at Howard Johnson's somewhere in the Deep South ... a glass of house white cost $13 ... not going back ... I think that Jean-George's Jojo or Nougatine is much better for their food and desserts...

Over the conversation with my haute-cuisine lunch partner, I suddenly realised that these happy times will be over next year. My lunch partner will be retiring from his professional job! We will celebrate this joyous occasion on his last train ride back to Westport with a party-ceremony to burn his final monthly Metro-North card!!! The Age of Aquarius and Let the Sun Shine, Let the Sun Shine... Living well is the best revenge...

Beacon, web site, 25 West 56th Street, New York, 212-332-0500 [NY Mag | MenuPages | Gayot | NYT | savory NY | Yelp | Gayot]

La Goulue, web site, 746 Madison Avenue, between 64th and 65th Streets, New York, 212-988-8169 [NYT | MenuPages | NY Mag | Yelp]


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The World's Best Restaurants?

First published by Restaurant magazine in 2002 and now in its seventh year, The S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants is recognised around the world as the most credible indicator of the best places to eat on Earth.
The S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants. In the US:

Rounding out the top 100:
52. Nobu, New York [Yelp]
54. Masa, New York [Yelp]
63. WD-50, New York [Yelp]
85. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, New York [Yelp]
87. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Las Vegas [Yelp]

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NYC Restaurant Week. .. $24.07 pirx-fixed

From the list of restaurants participating in this event, I selected ASIATE, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 80 Columbus Avenue, 212-805-8881... for their very spectecular view and fine service. I was suprised that we were able to snare a reservation on the morning for a 12.30 pm lunch. Asiate, the restuarant is very beautiful and comfortable.

We declined the first choice of table which was set into a booth for private conversation. We wanted to see the view from the 35th floor. My 2 sisters and a niece joined me for this lunch which became a birthday celebration for Sophia (August 18) and Lisaa (August 19). I selected a bottle of Austrian Trabor Gruner Veltliner to accompany the fine meal. We each ordered a different appetizer of chilled pea soup with lobster meat, a seafood risotto, a friesee salad and a grilled tuna salad. Excellent dishes and we played musical chairs to sample all the four plates. What fun and nobody in the restaurant raised an eye-brow. For the main course, the 3 ladies ordered the Wild Salmon and I enjoyed the grilled flank steak. The deserts were very good and light. What a great meal to enjoy a small reunion with my 2 sisters and neice before they left for Paris and Alexandria, VA. that afternoon. During the lunch, the booth-table that we declined was occupied by Chris Rock, the comedian!!! One more week to sample and experience this fine dining.

Post by Peter

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"Swallowing Clouds," by A. Zee

A playful journey through Chinese culture, language, and cuisine ... In "Swallowing Clouds", A. Zee

invites us to a veritable Chinese banquet full of charming explorations of food, language, and culture. Beginning with simple dishes from a typical restaurant menu, Zee launches into an engrossing voyage of discoveries about Chinese language and cuisine. With folklore and anecdotes, he uncovers the roots of Chinese characters in ancient pictographs, giving an absorbing and effortless introduction to written Chinese.

... why eating "won-tons" is like swallowing clouds ... he traces the origin and legend of the dish "Ma Po To Fu" pages 174-179 ... you will be able to recognize the Chinese characters on menus ... did you know that red hot peppers were imported by the Portuguese from Central America to Sichuan, China! Ay caramba ...

Also see "eating in chinese" for a good overview of Chinese characters on menus and restaurants

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Davidburke & Donatella

I had a wonderful lunch at Davidburke & Donatella ... lobter bisque without the heavy cream but with Thai lemongrass, Alaskan King salmon with beets and string beans and a Tropical mango sherbet and fruit medley ... delicious glass of NZ sauvignon blanc ... with an old friend from London...

Davidburke & Donatella, web site, 133 East 61st Street, bewteen Park and Lexington, 212-813-2121 [MenuPages | Openlist | NY Mag | Gayot | Citysearch]


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Eat at the best restaurants - without a reservation

Jill Conner and Barbara Peters have written a very handy guide to eating at the best restaurants ... without a reservation ... @ the bar: NYC Bar Dining Guide is a pocket guide to 30 of NYC's best restaurants that offer bar dining ... and at many restaurants, the menu is less expensive when eating at the bar ...

@ the bar: NYC Bar Dining Guide is an excellent guide for anyone looking for a great place to enjoy fine dining ... Recommended ... see sample pages at their web site

good restaurants for fine dining at the bar include Davidburke & Donatella ... a great bar to dine and enjoy the atmosphere ... (web site), 133 East 61st Street, bewteen Park and Lexington, 212-813-2121 [MenuPages | Openlist | NYT | Gayot | Citysearch]

Also, Circus, a fine Brazilian bistro on 61st Street between Park & Lexington Avenues, especially in the evening ... (previous reviews: A Guy In New York, Forbes (TWIR, September 30, 2005)) ... web site, 132 East 61st Street, between Lexington and Park Avenues, 212-223-2566 [MenuPages | NY Metro | NYT | Citysearch]

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Davidburke & Donatella turns in to Circus

Last week I had hoped to impress a friend from out of town (the Dean of the Mathematics faculty from a well known university in Canada) by taking him to DavidBurke & Donatella. When I made the reservation they said I could be in the "lounge". What they didn't tell me was that I may as well have had a table in the middle of a subway car in rush hour.

Needless to say I had to run out of there rather than try a New York Jets offensive drive to get to my table. Fortunately for me and my out of town friend, Circus restaurant was just across the street. Great Lo had taken us there at one time (and I feel sure we shall return the favor one day soon).

At Circus we found a beautiful hostess with a great smile ready to seat us, a lively setting without the chaos, and a relatively quiet corner where we could carry on a conversation. The food was also a pleasant surprise. Given the late hour I asked for two appetizers - a tropical salad that included fresh fruit and was delicious; and a plate of steamed clams and muscles in a marvelous broth.

My friend had a well prepared halibut and we topped it off with a nice bottle of Chianti. The prices were reasonable, service was excellent (they were very pleasant about my two appetizer requests) and we appreciated it all the more due to our close call with disaster.

To top off a perfect ending for the evening I slept over at my old friend Peter Lo's apt. which was only 6 blocks away. Since I had a major round of events at work, this saved me a late commute and early morning return to and from Ridgewood. Not to mention the next day beginning with a nice cup of fresh brewed black coffee and a little chat with Lo before heading out into the concrete jungle.

Circus: (previous review: Forbes (TWIR, September 30, 2005)) ... web site, 132 East 61st Street, between Lexington and Park Avenues, 212-223-2566 [MenuPages | NY Metro | NYT | Citysearch]

Post by Roger

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Winter Restaurant Week

Winter Restaurant Week starts January 23 and runs for 2 weeks, excluding weekends: January 23-27, 2006 and January 30-February 3, 2006 ... three-course prix-fixe lunches for $24.07 and three-course dinners for $35 ... beverage, tax and gratuity additional ...

Jennifer Steinhauer writes about Restaurant Week meals: "once a diner has added a glass of shiraz, some sparkling water and a side of spinach - not to mention tax and tip - the check swells far beyond what most people think of as economical." ...

In the list below, links are to restaurant web sites or to a MenuPages or Citysearch profile. These links open in a new window.

21' Club
, Lunch/Dinner

66, Lunch

Abboccato Ristorante, Lunch/Dinner

Ada Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Alfama, fine Portuguese cuisine, Lunch/Dinner

Alto, Lunch

Angelo & Maxie's, Lunch/Dinner

Aquaterra Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Aquavit (Café), Lunch/Dinner

Aquavit (Dining Room), Lunch

Arabéllé at the Hotel Plaza Athenee, Lunch/Dinner

Arezzo Ristorante Bar, Lunch/Dinner

Asia de Cuba, Lunch

Asiate at Mandarin Oriental NY, Lunch

Atlantic Grill, Lunch

Aureole, Lunch

Barbetta, Lunch

Barbounia, Lunch/Dinner

Barca 18, Lunch

Beacon Restaurant & Bar, Lunch/Dinner

Ben Benson's Steak House, Lunch

Bice Ristorante, Lunch/Dinner

Blue Fin, Lunch

Blue Smoke, Lunch/Dinner

Blue Water Grill, Lunch/Dinner

Bolo Restaurant & Bar, Lunch/Dinner

Bond 45 Italian Kitchen Steak & Seafood, Lunch/Dinner

Brasserie, Lunch/Dinner

Brasserie 8 1/2, Lunch/Dinner

Bread Bar, Lunch/Dinner

Butter, Lunch/Dinner

Café Boulud, Lunch

Café Centro, Lunch/Dinner

Café des Artistes, Lunch

Café Fiorello, Lunch

Calle Ocho, Dinner

Capsouto Freres, Lunch/Dinner

Carlyle Restaurant, Lunch

Caviar & Banana, Dinner

Centolire, Lunch

Centrico, Lunch/Dinner

Chanterelle, Lunch

Chez Josephine, Dinner

Chin Chin Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

China Grill, Lunch/Dinner

Church & Dey at the Millenium Hilton, Lunch/Dinner

Cité/Cité Grill, Lunch/Dinner

City Crab & Seafood Company, Lunch/Dinner

City Hall Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

City Lobster, Lunch/Dinner

Coco Pazzo, Lunch

Compass, Dinner

Craftbar, Lunch

Cub Room, Lunch/Dinner

Dawat, Lunch/Dinner

DB Bistro Moderne, Lunch

Dévi, Lunch

Django, Lunch/Dinner

Dos Caminos, Lunch/Dinner

Dos Caminos SoHo, Lunch/Dinner

Duane Park Café, Lunch/Dinner

Eleven Madison Park, Lunch/Dinner

EN Japanese Brasserie, Dinner

English is Italian, Lunch/Dinner

Esca Restaurant, Lunch

Estiatorio Milos, Lunch

F.illi Ponte Ristorante, Lunch/Dinner

Fiamma Osteria, Lunch

FIVES at The Peninsula New York, Lunch/Dinner

Fleur de Sel, Lunch

Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse, Lunch

Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse, Lunch/Dinner

Gabriel's Bar & Restaurant, Lunch

Gallagher's Steak House, Lunch

Gigino Trattoria, Lunch/Dinner

Giorgios of Gramercy, Lunch/Dinner

Gotham Bar & Grill, Lunch

Gramercy Tavern, Lunch

Grotta Azzurra Ristorante, Lunch/Dinner

Gusto Ristorante e Bar Americano, Lunch

Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

i Trulli, Lunch/Dinner

Icon Restaurant - W Court & Tuscany, Lunch/Dinner

il Cantinori, Lunch/Dinner

Il Giglio Restaurant, Lunch

Inagiku, Lunch/Dinner

Isabella's, Lunch/Dinner

Jean-Luc, Dinner

John Villa's Dominic, Lunch/Dinner

JoJo Restaurant, Lunch

Josephs by Citarella, Lunch/Dinner

Jovia Restaurant, Lunch

KAI Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Kittichai, Lunch

Le Colonial, Lunch/Dinner

Le Perigord, Lunch/Dinner

Lenox Room, Lunch/Dinner

L'Impero, Lunch

Lucy Latin Kitchen, Lunch/Dinner

Lupa Osteria Romana, Lunch

Maloney & Porcelli, Lunch

Mark's Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Marseille, Lunch/Dinner

Maya, Dinner

Mercer Kitchen, Lunch

Mesa Grill, Lunch/Dinner

Métrazur, Lunch/Dinner

Michael Jordan's The Steak House NYC, Lunch

Moda Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Molyvos Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Monkey Bar, Lunch

Montebelló Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Montrachet, Lunch/Dinner

Mr. K's, Lunch/Dinner

Naples 45, Lunch/Dinner

Nice Matin, Inc., Lunch

Nick & Stef's Steakhouse, Lunch/Dinner

Nino's, Lunch/Dinner

Nino's Positano, Lunch/Dinner

Nino's Tuscany, Lunch/Dinner

Nobu, Lunch

Nougatine at Jean-Georges Restaurant, Lunch

Ocean Grill, Lunch/Dinner

Oceo, Lunch/Dinner

One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Dinner

Ono, Lunch

Opia, Lunch/Dinner

Orsay Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Oscar's American Brasserie, Lunch/Dinner

Osteria del Circo, Lunch/Dinner

Palm Too Restaurant, Lunch

Palm West Restaurant
, Lunch

Pampano, Lunch/Dinner

Park Avenue Café, Lunch/Dinner

Patroon, Lunch/Dinner

Payard, Lunch/Dinner

Periyali, Lunch/Dinner

Perry St., Lunch

Pershing Square, Lunch/Dinner

Petrossian Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Pigalle, Lunch/Dinner

Pulse at the Sports Club/LA, Lunch/Dinner

Rain Restaurant, Dinner

Redeye Grill, Lunch

Rene Pujol Restaurant Cooperative, Lunch/Dinner

Restaurant Thalia, Lunch/Dinner

Riingo, Lunch/Dinner

Rock Center Café, Lunch/Dinner

Rosa Mexicano at Union Square, Lunch/Dinner

Roy's New York, Lunch/Dinner

Ruby Foo's Times Square, Lunch

Ruby Foo's Uptown, Lunch/Dinner

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Lunch

Salute!, Lunch/Dinner

San Domenico NY, Lunch/Dinner

Sarabeth's Central Park South, Lunch/Dinner

Shelly's New York Steakhouse & Oyster Bar, Lunch/Dinner

Shun Lee Palace, Lunch

Silverleaf Tavern, Lunch/Dinner

Smith & Wollensky, Lunch/Dinner

Spice Market, Lunch

Steak Frites, Lunch/Dinner

SushiSamba 7, Lunch/Dinner

SushiSamba Park, Lunch/Dinner

Tabla, Lunch/Dinner

Tamarind Restaurant, Lunch

TAO Restaurant, Lunch

Tavern on the Green, Lunch/Dinner

Terrace in the Sky, Lunch/Dinner

Thalassa Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

The Bull and Bear Steakhouse and Bar, Lunch

The Modern - Bar Room, Dinner

The Post House, Lunch

The River Café, Lunch

The Sea Grill, Lunch/Dinner

The Water Club, Lunch/Dinner

Tocqueville, Lunch

Trattoria Dell'Arte, Lunch

Tribeca Grill, Lunch/Dinner

Trio Restaurant & Bar, Lunch/Dinner

Tropica, Lunch/Dinner

Tuscan Square, Lunch/Dinner

Union Square Cafe, Lunch

Vento Trattoria, Lunch/Dinner

ViceVersa, Lunch/Dinner

Victor's Café, Lunch/Dinner

Villa Berulia Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Vong, Lunch

Water's Edge Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

Zoe Restaurant, Lunch/Dinner

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Davidburke & Donatella ... fancy dessert ...

Roger contemplating his $20 dessert from Davidburke and Donnatella ... lunch for the end of the season ...

Roger contemplating his $20 dessert from Davidburke and Donnatella

Roger says, "It was a rip-off - I thought it was part of the 22.12 menu." Uh, OK Roger ... Roger did not read the fine print on the menu at Davidburke & Donnatella and we have to cover his $10 desert supplement ...

Hans, who is much more experienced, enjoyed the plain desert of apple pie with ice cream

however, our other lunch partner, Hans, who is much more experienced, enjoyed the plain desert of apple pie with ice cream ... and he is smiling all the way to the bank ... p/s: we all met at NYU in 1968!!!

Davidburke & Donatella (web site), 133 East 61st Street, bewteen Park and Lexington, 212-813-2121 [MenuPages | Openlist | NYT | Gayot | Citysearch]


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World's Most Expensive Restaurants?

Forbes has released its World’s Most Expensive Restaruant list. First, you will notice that there are no two restaurants from the same city. It seems the methodology was to choose a set of metropolitan centers in various countries and find the most expensive restaurant in each of those cities. The methodology excludes all American restaurants. I can think of more than a few New York restaurants with price tags well above most all of these restaurants.

"Forbes Names the World’s Most Expensive Restaurants," WineFetch, November 28th, 2005

The folks at Forbes have no idea what the heck they're talking about.

"The World's Priciest Meals? Hardly." Vinography: a wine blog, November 20, 2005

One fact the article reveals: Britain - once laughed at as a place for great food - now has some of the world's top restaurants.

"The world's most expensive restaurants 2005," Slashfood, November 19, 2005


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Michelin New York 2006

Michelin New York is available Friday, but the stars are out ...

"Michelin’s stars: New York list," Financial Times, November 1, 2005

[N = NYT | M = MenuPages | O = OpenTable | G = Gayot | C = Citysearch]

3 stars

2 stars

1 star

No stars but in the book


NYC's Michelin Restaurants," gothamist, November 1, 2005

"Big Red Lands: On Whether or Not to Care About Michelin," eater, November 2, 2005

"In Michelin's 1st Ratings of N.Y. Dining, Some Surprises," by Florence Fabricant, The New York Times, November 1, 2005

"Food (guide) fight: It’s Michelin vs. Zagat," by Pascale Le Draoulec, Daily News, November 2, 2005

"How come nobody ever talks about how totally obese the Michelin man is?" eat drink one woman, November 1, 2005

"Is New York Worth a Trip? Oui," by Florence Fabricant, The New York Times, November 2, 2005

Manhattan User's Guide says "the list is an embarrassment for Michelin. Of course no such list could satisfy everybody. But La Goulue and Fiamma Osteria each get a star and Chanterelle nothing? And where are all the two-star restaurants?" ... November 2, 2005

"A chef's surprise! Bistro owner stunned to be Michelin man," by Hugh Son, Daily News, November 3, 2005 ... "You'd expect chef-owner Saul Bolton to at least crack open a bottle of champagne after learning his Boerum Hill restaurant [Saul] earned a coveted star from the Michelin Guide. But Bolton merely gave his wife a kiss, thanked his staff, and cranked up the music at the Smith St. bistro that bears his name." ... we like this guy ...

"Michelin Takes On the City, Giving Some a Bad Taste," by Glenn Collins, The New York Times, November 3, 2005

Andrea Strong said: "My feelings about the Michelin guide are mixed, but mostly negative." ... "The Michelin Guide Hits New York City (LET’S SEND IT BACK!)", November 3, 2005

"Best part of the book, to me? The subway map inside the back cover is relatively to scale and shows, in the finest European style, which streets the trains run under." Twenty Bucks a Day, November 3, 2005

"It’s been 305 days since I first wrote about the red guide coming to New York City, and now I have finally the book in hand. In hindsight, the race for the story was much more exhilarating than the actual results." snack, November 4, 2005

"It's um, um good for boro: 2 eateries touted in Michelin guide," by Bob Kappstatter, NY Daily News, November 4, 2005

"Someone asked me yesterday what was my take on the Michelin Guides reviews? For New Yorkers, I truly think it is a non-event." ... her take: "Some good, some not." ... "Michelin Guide," Gotham Gal, November 6, 2005

"[A] $16.95, 480-page insult to the world's greatest dining city." ... "The book is so out of touch — and out of date — you wonder if its 'inspectors' even got off the plane at JFK." ... "The Idiots' Guide," by Steve Cuozzo, New York Post, November 7, 2005

"Star Wars: Did Michelin lower the bar for New York?" by Mike Steinberger, Slate, November 7, 2005

"Michelin Guide to New York City - Leaves a Bad Taste in Your Mouth," Opinionated About Dining, November 7, 2005

"In spite of the maelstrom of critical (and some downright ugly) press following the Michelin NYC guide’s debut, they’ll report a smashing success and complete sell out of the first 100,000+ books, necessitating a second printing." ... "hotsnack: Michelin the next release," November 21, 2005

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Michelin Guide (Red and Green) New York, Zagat NYC, NYT

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Malaysian food - Sanur

Sanur Restaurant, 18 Doyers Street, 212-267-0088 ... best roti canai in NYC ... chicken rice ... curry noodles ... ice kachang (ABC) ... curry puffs ... lunch for two big eaters total was $12.80 ... excellent authentic Malaysian food ... we did not try the Kuih, but it looked good ...

Our previous post on Sanur ...

eGullet postings on Malaysian food, with pics

AGINY Good Value

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This Week in Reviews - August 26, 2005

This Week in Reviews (TWIR)

Each Friday, A Guy In New York publishes "This Week in Reviews (TWIR)," with quick links to New York City restaurant reviews and mentions from the previous seven days in blogs, magazines, and newspapers.


Subway MTA map | Straphangers interactive map | schedules | HopStop

Did we miss your favorite review? Want to see your review here next week?

Let us know: aguyinnewyork [at] gmail ... we're especially interested in hearing from NYC bloggers ...

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To Tip or Not to Tip - NYT Op-Ed

Steven Shaw has an op-ed in today's NYT, "Tipped Off"," that advocates replacing the tip with a service charge.

Michael Lynn, an associate professor of consumer behavior and marketing at Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, has conducted dozens of studies of tipping and has concluded that consumers' assessments of the quality of service correlate weakly to the amount they tip.

We like the practices of adding a standard service charge with no tipping and posting the full price of a dish, including tax and service charge.

My experience with being on the receiving end of a tip was during the years I drove a cab, and I can say unequivocally that the best tippers are waiters, waitresses, and bartenders. The worst tippers in my experience? Doctors, lawyers, and airline pilots (the pilots were usually condescending, too).

More Information

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Excellent Sichuan Food - Upper East Side

We have written about Wu Liang Ye before, the Lexington Ave. location.

Last Friday, we walked to the 86th Street & 3rd Avenue location for a meal at the Wu Liang Ye, 3rd ... it is up-town and I was fearful that the meal would not be as good as the mid-town location ...

Good news ... the dishes we ordered were very competently prepared in the Chinese manner ...

we started with three dishes ... Poached razor clams with Sichuan peppercorn and scallion vinaigrette ... Ox tongue and tripe with roasted chili and peanut vinaigrette .. Jelly fish julienne with scallion pesto ... yummy, yummy, yummy! ... the three dishes can be ordered as a combination for $20.95 ... worth every penny ... the sauces were delicious with the right strength of chili and green scallion ...

next ... we ate an order of Chengdu wonton with Sichuan peppercorn vinaigrette ... swallowing clouds! $4.95 ...

finally, we ate sauteed spinach with garlic $8.95 ... so very delicate ... with a bowl of steamed rice ...

a perfect meal ...

I had a glass of Wu-Liang-Ye, a colorless grain alcohol ... similar to vodka ... taste of lemon and lichi ... drink chilled ... can be considered as their house wine ... very smooth with the hot Sichuan peppercorns ... $6.00 with the meal ...

very good service, too ... I will be back to try other dishes.

And we got in some exercise ... walking twenty blocks each way on a Friday evening ...

215 East 86th Street, 212-534-6032

Other Reviews

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AGINY Good Value and Highly Recommended

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This Week in Reviews - August 5, 2005

Each Friday, AGINY publishes "This Week in Reviews," with quick links to New York City restaurant reviews and mentions from the previous seven days in blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

Don't forget the 2nd Annual Singapore Chili Crab Festival this Sunday, August 7th, DUMBO, Brooklyn

Read More »

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Teaching Teenagers to Take Orders - NYT

Today's NYT has an article by Dana Bowen, "Teaching Teenagers to Take Orders," (rr) about a two-week course by the Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), that teaches kids how to properly wait tables.

Anything that improves service in the front of the house gets kudos from us. You can help one of these kids and C-CAP by becoming a sponsor.

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2nd Annual Singapore Chili Crab Festival

The 2nd Annual Singapore Chili Crab Festival, Sunday, August 7th, 2005, DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), Brooklyn, 66 Water Street (between Dock and Main Streets), 12 - 6pm. (rain or shine) ... a sensational experience for all ages in DUMBO's summery outdoors ...

enjoy Singapore chili crabs and other specialities prepared by The Global Culinary Society of the Culinary Institute of America ... free admission (you pay for food and beverages) ...

limited free transportation from South Street Seaport by NY Water Taxi ... or take a leisurely stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge ... the walkway feeds into Washington Street, then walk north toward the East River on Washington Street to the Festival ... or

From Tiger Beer

In addition to chili crabs, other Southeast Asian flavors including Beef Rendang, deep fried Beef Wontons, and Singapore Satay (bite-sized skewered meat) will be available. Entertainment will include live band performances, souvenir vendors, children's street entertainment and petting zoo, caricaturists, face painters, massage therapy, traditional lion dancers, East-West horoscope readings by Madame Tiger and kickboxers from Gleason’s Gym.

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Best dim-sum update

When eating dim sim at the Chatham Restaurant some prefer to go to "Dim-Sum-A-Go-Go" ... where you place the order on a piece of paper and the trays are delivered to you ... that is only good for customers who do not speak Cantonese and want to pay three times more ... as we advised in our previous post

... keep an eye out for the fresh dishes carting out from the kitchen ... pick your choice and enjoy ...

you can do this even if you don't speak Cantonese ...

Previous best dim-sum article

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More fun things for summer visitors to enjoy - with a three-course lunch for $20.12

"Summer Restaurant Week" isn't over yet ... extended through Labor Day, some of New York's finest restaurants will continue to offer three-course lunches for just $20.12 (beverages, tax and tip are extra).

For example:

On the Upper East Side, before or after visiting the Whitney Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, enjoy the fine French cuisine at Cafe Boulud, 20 East 76th Street, 212-772-2600 or at Dumonet at The Carlyle, 35 East 76th Street, 212-570-7192 ... classic French and delicious

On the Upper West Side, a visit to the New York Historical Society and the American Museum of Natural History must be combined with a lunch at Cafe des Artistes, 1 West 67 Street, 212-877-3500 ... Austrian-Hungarian and very cozy ...

On Columbus Circle, visit and shop at our own "Las Vegas" mall ... the new Time-Warner Center ... and lunch at Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street, 212-805-8881 ... a very spectacular view of Central Park from the 35th floor!

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Good Italian food

My friend from Rome told me a very long time ago ... the only place to enjoy a fine Italian meal is at home ... Gabrio Buitoni, a member of the Buitoni pasta family ... I went to NYU with him and he was responsible for introducing me to Italian food (I was fresh off the boat from Penang and did not have a clue about Italian cuisine. I have learned plenty since but he planted the seed) ... I really do not go out for Italian ... usually not worth the price and so simple to prepare pasta at home ...

Try this simple pasta ... dice fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes ... finely chopped garlic ... a cup of finely chopped fresh basil leaves ... mixed with a little olive oil and pepper flakes ... preferably prepare the sauce a few hours ahead of the meal-time ... in order for the garlic to marinade with the olive oil and the fresh diced tomatoes ... grind fresh black peppers ... toss the al dente pasta with the basil leaves and mangia over good noodles ... perfect ... here's a recipe

If you want to go out, I liked the restaurant, Carmine's, Italian family style, 2450 Broadway (90th & 91st Streets), 212-362-2200 ... a very old-world charming location ... good value, too ...

Also, see "How to Eat Spaghetti" by Anna Maria Volpi

Carmine's reviews

Other's reviews of the best Italian restaurants in New York

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"The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles," by Cooks Illustrated   "The Arthur Avenue Cookbook: Recipes and Memories from the Real Little Italy," by Ann Volkwein
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Great Sichuan cuisine - in mid-town

Wu Liang Ye Restaurant is a find for Sichuan cusine in mid-town.

The ma pao tofu (also called ma bo dofu, ma po dofu, etc. ... on the Wu Liang Ye menu as Chef's Ma Paul Tofu, which includes tofu, ground pork, green onion, green pepper, black bean sauce and spices) is the best we have had - anywhere ... spicy and served hot .. the tofu is fresh .. cooked just right ... try the razor clams cold appetizer ...

338 Lexington Avenue (between 39th St. and 40th St.), 212-370-9647.

Razor clams appetizer
Razor Clams
Razor clams appetizer
Razor clams appetizer
Razor Clams

Chef's Ma Paul Tofu
Chef's Ma Paul Tofu

Other reviews

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AGINY Good Value and Highly Recommended

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Crab meat and ground pork soupy dumplings - Joe's Shanghai

Crab meat and ground pork soupy dumplings are a Shanghainese delicacy ... so one must patronise Shanghainese restaurants ... such as Joe's Shanghai on Pell Street (9 Pell Street) ... and Joe's Ginger at 113 Mott Street ... go and compare them both ...

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Other reviews

Joe's Shanghai

Joe's Ginger

Also see our quick review of Green Bo

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Crab meat and ground pork soupy dumplings - Green Bo

Crab meat and ground pork soupy dumplings are a Shanghainese delicacy ... so one must patronise Shanghainese restaurants ... such as New Green Bo on Bayard Street, which is also famous for the scallion pancakes ... 66 Bayard St. (between Mott and Elizabeth St), 212-625-2359

To eat soupy dumplings - xiao long bao - ... carefully (you don't want to tear the skin just yet) lift one out of the steamer basket/off the plate with chopsticks and put it in a soup spoon ... pour a little vinegar (should be on the table) over the dumpling ... carefully bite off the top of the dumpling ... put a little more vinegar into the now open dumpling ... then slurp and eat the rest of the soup dumpling ... fantastic ... careful, soupy dumplings can be very hot when they first arrive at table ... and don't forget to eat the cabbage leaves ...

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Other reviews

AGINY Good Value

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Fine French prix fixe lunch $20.12

Cafe Boulud ... 20 East 76th Street ... fine French ... summer Fridays are slow because everyone is out of town, there should be no problem getting a table ...

July-Labor Day: two-course lunch, $20.12

Labor Day-July: two-course lunch, $29; three-course lunch, $36

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Elegant prix-fixed lunch with wine pairings for $32

Aquavit, 65 East 55th Street (between Madison and Park Avenues, 212-307-7311) for an elegant lunch at their new location ... very charming place ... three course prix-fixed lunch with wine pairings for $32, tax and tips extra. Very good value for fine Swedish cuisine...

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Good food on the drive to eastern Long Island

On the drive out of the City to Southampton and eastern Long Island, stop for a light meal at Joe's Shanghai (136-21 37th Avenue, Flushing, Chinatown, 718-539-3838) ... preferably after 10pm. because of free parking and light traffic on the Southern State Parkway ... crab and pork soup dumplings ... a bowl of fresh shrimp noodle soup ... get back on the car and drive blissfully...

The next day, drive to Brewster's (the owner has his own high-tech deep-sea fishing boat and he is a very friendly guy) ... (Brewster's Seafood Market, 631-728-3474, 252 E. Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays, NY) ... the freshest raw clams, steamers in a garlic soup, raw oysters, steamed lobsters, smoked sweet scallops and salmon, tuna sashimi, fried flounder, black fish, etc...bring your own wine or beer ... on the Montauk Highway and the Shinnecock Canal (across from the Mobil gas station ... get the cold beer there!)

Afterwards, drive north to Briermere Farm (4414 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY 631-722-3931) for fresh, delicious fruit pies ... locally grown peaches, blueberries, etc. .... a great gift for the folks you left behind in the sweltering City....

Heading back to the City on the LIE, take the Queens Blvd. exit (exit 19) ... drive a few blocks and turn right onto Broadway, continue till you pass the railroad over-pass ... you are now in Elmhurst, Chinatown ... where there is an Oriental mall with free parking, on your left ...

Park and visit the Vietnamese Pho restaurant (Pho Bang, which is a small NYC chain, 82-90 Broadway (Elmhurst Avenue), Queens, 718-205-1500) ... I love the rice noodles with fried spring rolls and grilled pork ... great quality. Also try the three-bean ice cold snack ... the Penang restaurant (8284 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY 718-672-1185) for spicey roti canai, Hainanese chicken, and laksa ... walk to the super-market and buy some groceries for the work week...

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Best dim-sum in Chinatown

Best dim-sum in Chinatown ... Chatham Restaurant (it used to be called Hop Shing), 9 Chatham Square, 212-267-0220 ... you can eat for under $10 per person ... keep an eye out for the fresh dishes carting out from the kitchen ... pick your choice and enjoy ... the chicken feet are outstanding ...

I have been going there since I came to New York, circa 1968 ... the patrons used to spit the chicken bones onto the floor ... simply amazing, times have changed ...

Reviews of Hop Shing

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AGINY good value and Highly Recommended


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