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Fuleen Seafood Restaurant

Recently I shepherded a group of 7 amigos to the Fuleen Seafood Restaurant ... Classic Cantonese cuisine with nice service and a very good value. Another great place to bring a group of hungry amigos for a delicious Cantonese dinner in Chinatown. The dishes I ordered ... perriwinkles in black-bean sauce, flour-coated fried oysters, prawns with walnuts, garlic-scented sauteed chicken, garlic sauteed pea-shoots, fermented bean-curd sauteed water spinach, chow-mein with prawns. Fresh cut Florida oranges for desert. The total bill was $125.00. We were allowed to bring our own red wine ... come soon for a very frugal Manhattan-Yankee dinner in Chinatown ...

Fuleen Seafood Restaurant, 11 Division Street, New York, 212-941-6888 [MenuPages | NYT | NY Mag | Yelp | Citysearch]

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There's Still Time to Enjoy Summer!

Francesco, Lucu, Giacomo and I drove to JFK airport to pick-up Mieta from Rome. Afterwards, we drove to Joe's Shanghai in Flushing for 3 bamboo baskets of very soupy pork dumplings ... Shanghai sauteed pork/soy-sauce noodles and a steamed yellow-fish with ginger and scallions ... very good food.

Flushing is a great place to enjoy Chinese food and the #7 subway is so very efficient. Three-year old Luca loves soupy pork dumplings with white rice! I can't wait to go with you to their branch on Pell Street ...

Joe's Shanghai, web site, 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, Queens, 718-539-3838 [NYT | NY Mag | Gayot | Yelp]


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King's Seafood Restaurant

Another great discovery for Fine Cantonese cuisine in Chinatown ... King's Seafood .... a very fine replacement for the defunct Nice restaurant ... the menu comprising: Beijing duck, jumbo prawns with walnuts and broccoli in a mayo sauce, Hong-Kong style T-bone steak (medium rare), half-chicken in garlic sauce, salt-and-pepper pork chops, the whole flounder done two-ways, chicken chow-mein, beef chow-fun, saute "dao-miu" with garlic ... duck meat with green chives .... a very sumptuous dinner for everybody to enjoy ... for less then $30 a person...bring your own wine or champagne ...

I also went there to try their dim-sum lunch .... very, very good food and service but 2.5 times more expansive then Chatham ....

King's Seafood, 39 East Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, 212-233-3359 [Yelp]

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Chinese Restaurants in America

Chef's Ma Paul Tofu
Chef's Ma Paul Tofu (Wu Liang Ye Restaurant, NYC)
What most Americans know as Chinese food would be more properly termed American Chinese food, a category that includes chop suey and lemon chicken, dishes born in the U.S. Given, as Lee points out, that there are about 40,000 Chinese restaurants in the U.S., "more than the number of McDonald's, Burger Kings, and KFCs combined," Chinese food might be our national cuisine. "Our benchmark for Americanness is apple pie," she writes. "But ask yourself. How often do you eat apple pie? How often do you eat Chinese food?"

Chinese restaurants are ubiquitous, usually taking the form of urban carryout shops and suburban buffets. But how did these restaurants flourish across the American landscape? For the most part they are independently run, so how is it they seem to share similar characteristics, such as gigantic menus filled with egg rolls, garish red sweet and sour sauce, and General Tso's chicken?

Each chapter answers these questions and more, examining soy sauce, the distinctive shape of takeout boxes favored by Chinese restaurants, and fortune cookies, which Lee discovers are Japanese in origin.

"West eats East: A fact-filled look at Chinese food, which just might be America's national cuisine," by Bich Minh Nguyen,, March 1, 2008


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Chinese Taste

Since the start of the current wave of Chinese immigration in the 1980s, gifted Chinese chefs have jammed into enclaves like the San Gabriel Valley in California and Flushing, N.Y., competing with one another, complaining about how hard it is to get Americans to give their cuisine a chance. The real problem is the American diner or, more precisely, the relationship between diner and chef. Chefs don’t know how to step outside of all-Chinese communities and market their cuisine to the mainstream. And most American diners want to stick to the Chinese food they already know.

The food they know is what chefs call Meiguorende kouwei -- food cooked “to American taste.” This cuisine uses a short vocabulary of standard sauces with big, pungent flavors. The sauce tends to lead, usually with a combination of flavor notes. As Linda Huang, owner of Chung King in San Gabriel, put it, “It’s sweet, sour and a little spicy.”

The other food of China is Zhongguorende kouwei, food cooked “to Chinese taste.”
. . .
Finding this kind of cooking in America doesn’t require insider knowledge. All it takes is will and persistence. When you go to better Chinese restaurants, ask for the best “Chinese taste” dishes on (or off) the menu, and refuse to budge until you get them.

"Double Happiness," by Nicoel Mones, The New York Times, August 5, 2007

Here are some of the Chinese restaurants we recommend.

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Best Shanghai's "soupy pork dumplings"

For the best Shanghai's "soupy pork dumplings" ...

in Manhattan, please go to the Grand Sichuan, 24th Street & 9th Avenue at Chelsea. Very well prepared fresh whole fish in a delicate sauce for $18.95. Beef tripe and tongue in a very hot red-sauce. Garlicky cool cucumber slices. Silky soft bean curd ma-po to-fu is very hot and spicey for $8.95. I love the string-beans for vegetables. The service is very polite and efficient. Can get very crowded at the prime dinner time. 229 9th Avenue, 212-620-5200 [openlist | Yelp]

For the very best in Flushing, please go to Joe's Shanghai .... including soy-sauce braised pork shoulder, crispy fried wheat noodles, Shanghai bok-choy and prawns. Very crowded and busy at dinner time. 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, 718-539-3838 [openlist | Yelp]

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Sweet-n-Tart Cafe

Sweet-n-Tart Cafe ... after picking-up my niece from the JFK airport, we went to this delicious Hong-Kong Cantonese eatery for a late breakfast. Very good tasting, fresh and crunchy Chinese brocoli with oyster sauce ... deliciously smooth won-tons of shrimps, ground pork, scallions and watercress ... freshly made rice noodles wrap with fried bread ...

A very typical Hong Kong Cantonese style breakfast. Very good service, too! Yes, swallowing clouds ... aka ... won-tons ...

Sweet-n-Tart Cafe, web site, 136-11 38th Avenue, Flushing, NY, 718-661-3380 [openlist | NY Mag | Newsday |

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Authentic Chinese cuisines

When authentic Chinese cuisines reach our shores, we can expect a revolution in ingredients and styles that will change the way we prepare food for years to come.
. . .
So, we welcome Chinese chefs to share their authentic cuisines with us. American palates, unlike those of previous generations, are ready for the real stuff.

"Eating Beyond Sichuan," by Nina Zagat and Tim Zagat, The New York Times,

No way this will happen because Americans will have much difficulty to acquire the Chinese palate. For example, the Chinese appreciate the texture of the jelly fish, pig's stomach, beef tripe ... Americans will vomit. I have seen Americans at wedding banquets pushing away a bowl of shark's fin soup. What a bloody waste. They have no idea.

Also see

Post by Peter

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"Swallowing Clouds," by A. Zee

A playful journey through Chinese culture, language, and cuisine ... In "Swallowing Clouds", A. Zee

invites us to a veritable Chinese banquet full of charming explorations of food, language, and culture. Beginning with simple dishes from a typical restaurant menu, Zee launches into an engrossing voyage of discoveries about Chinese language and cuisine. With folklore and anecdotes, he uncovers the roots of Chinese characters in ancient pictographs, giving an absorbing and effortless introduction to written Chinese.

... why eating "won-tons" is like swallowing clouds ... he traces the origin and legend of the dish "Ma Po To Fu" pages 174-179 ... you will be able to recognize the Chinese characters on menus ... did you know that red hot peppers were imported by the Portuguese from Central America to Sichuan, China! Ay caramba ...

Also see "eating in chinese" for a good overview of Chinese characters on menus and restaurants

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Beijing duck ... Erin-go-brah

Dear EL: Yes, definitely the NICE Restaurant in Chinatown for Beijing duck ... $36 for two courses ... get the 2nd stir-fried with the duck meat and green snow peas or Chinese celery ... a bottle of Cote du Rhone will do very nice or a 12 year old Irish whiskey "Old Bushmill" ... great appetite ...

other highly recommended dishes are the boneless squab served with green lettuce ... Beijing pork chops ... beef with scallions ... salt & pepper squid ... prawns with Chinese kai-lan (broccoli) ... bring along an ice-cream cake ... to clean the palate ... Erin-go-brah

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Black-skinned chickens

Deprived of their striking outerwear, though, Silkies are far less appealing. They have bluish-gray skin, pitch-black bones and dark beige flesh (they’re sometimes called black-skinned chickens). They’re a scrawny pound or two, plucked, and are usually sold with the head and feet attached (with five toes, not the usual four).

Yet Asian cooks love them for their deep, gamy flavor, even in the breast meat. And with the nation’s Asian population growing, sales have soared.

"Now, a Chicken in Black," by Elaine Louie, The New Your Times, January 17, 2007

One can enjoy black-skinned chicken at J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant, Catherine & Henry Streets in Chinatown, NY ... for a very good price ...

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant ... 23 Catherine Street, Chinatown

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant, 23 Catherine Street, between Henry and East Broadway, 212-571-2440 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Previous post on J.M. Family Noodle

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How to eat at all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets

there is a strategy for eating at all-you-can-eat buffet places ... start with a huge plate of fried crabs, very fresh crunchy string-beans, fried shrimp to-fu squares ... next a large bowl of spicy-coconut flavored-chicken curry with scallion pancakes and fried broad rice noodles ... next, the assorted dim-sum dishes ... finally, a plate of desserts ... of course, you can go for seconds and thirds if you have the desire ... 1 1/2 hour time limit ...

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Dim sum palace in Elmhurst - East Manor

My friend introduced me to a Chinese dim-sum palace in Elmhurst, Queens, this week ... on week-days, from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm., all you can eat for $7.99 ... a great value if you can eat, eat and eat ....

Plenty of variety, such as curry chicken, fried crabs, tonkatsu, soups, mussels, fried shrimp tofu, green vegetables, roast pork, etc., plus desserts ... the cooking is very good and they use very fresh ingredients ...

East Manor, web site, 79-17 Albion Avenue, Elmhurst, 718-803-3952 ... "for your convenience a 15% service charge and 8.875% sales tax are added to your bill." That means, you can eat for under $10.00 per adult with a 1.5 hour time limit, not bad at all ... [Locations Magazine | Chowhound]

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Spicy & Tasty in Flushing

Spicy & Tasty, 39-07 Prince Street, Flushing, Queens, between 39th and Roosevelt Avenues, 718-359-1601 [Menu from Bridge and Tunnel | NYT | NY Mag | Village Voice | openlist | Yelp]

Previous review July 30, 2006

Finally, Frank Bruni has discovered Spicy & Tasty in Flushing ... very hot and delicious ... worth a detour from La Guardia airport on your next visit ...

"Where Playing With Fire Is Not Taboo," by Frank Bruni, The New York Times, November 29, 2006

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Peking Duck - roast duck for under $10

Frank Bruni reviewed Peking Duck House, and although he doesn't like the pancakes served,

I never stick with the pancakes for long. After making one or two proper Peking duck constructions, I just start eating the duck on its own. If the duck is prepared as well as it is at Peking Duck House, and you’ve got an appetite for undiluted richness, this is a great way to go.

"Out and About: The Peking Duck House," Diner's Journal, November 17, 2006

Peking Duck House, web site, 28 Mott Street, Chinatown, 212-227-1810. See other reviews - many folks don't like this place at all: [MenuPages | NY Mag | Citysearch]

Here is how to enjoy a delicious roast duck for less than $10:

The crispy skin and moist oily dark meat in a roast duck, marinade in hoi-sin sauce …the definition of a perfect Cantonese (or Peking) roast duck … can be purchased whole at AAA Meat Market, 288 Grand Street, the shop exactly at the north-west corner of Grand and Eldridge Streets in Chinatown for $8. The shop also sells whole roast pigs, chickens, etc., and immediately outside there are fruit and vegetable sellers for your salad.

At home, you can enjoy the whole duck by using a pair of poultry shears ... plus your own choice of red wine and a mixed salad of Chinese greens ... and no pancakes ... Payard ice-cream to finish the meal ... Ahhhhhhh, perfect.

Payard, web site, 1032 Lexington Avenue, 212-717-5252 [Yummy Baguette | MenuPages | NY Mag | Citysearch | Gayot]

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Sweet Spring Restaurant

Recently discovered the Sweet Spring Restaurant ... very Chinese, fresh-off-the-boat cuisine ... pure Fuzhou, not yet diluted by the New World ... very inexpensive, and NO tipping ... several varities of steamed dumplings are 5 for $1 ... 25A Catherine Street, 7:30 am - 10 pm, 212-766-1777 ... [Yelp | Judy's Book]

AGINY Recommended

Post by Peter

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Spicy & Tasty - Flushing

Another great Sichuan restaurant in Flushing, strongly recommended by AGINY, is Spicy & Tasty ... there is a counter with plenty of ready-prepared cold appertizers, one can pick and choose ... I love to eat the hot and spicey "beef tongue and tripe" and cold tofu with slivers of Chinese stalks of celery ...

Moreover, along this stretch of Prince Street, there are numerous ethnic restaurants which I still must find the time to enjoy, especially the Malaysian restaurant ...

Spicy & Tasty, 39-07 Prince Street, Flushing, Queens, between 39th and Roosevelt Avenues, 718-359-1601 [Menu from Bridge and Tunnel | NYT | NY Mag | Village Voice | openlist | Yelp]


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Chatham restaurant - New Big Wang

Last Saturday, we had 9 for lunch at Chatham restaurant ... Liz & Roger with their 3 children: Max, Becky, and Julia ... Max brought along three college friends: a Mongolian-Chinese, a Korean and a Filipino ... We ate very well and the cost was $63, plus a $10 tip ... less then $10 per person ... I missed Julia's bat-mitzvah last month and this was my make-up party for her ...

My favorite place for a single person snack-meal in Chinatown is now the New Big Wang ... a bowl of delicious "swei-kow tong" (dumplings of ground pork and chives) for $3.00 ... a plate of roast pig or duck for $5 ... yummy ... 1 Elizabeth Street, 212-219-3686 [previous post on AGINY]

Post by Peter

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Joe's Shanghai - Chatham - Amy Ruth's - Nice

Last Sunday, my old friend Mietta Buitoni arrived from Italy ... we ate at Joe's Shanghai in Flushing for delicious soupy pork and crab dumplings, clams with ginger and scallions, and "oon choy" green vegetables ... $45 for 3 persons ... 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, Queens, 718-539-3838 [previous post on AGINY | NYT | NY Mag | Village Voice | openlist | Gayot | Yelp]

Monday morning, we rode the M1 bus downtown to Canal Street and enjoyed dim-sum at Chatham ... $13 for two ... 9 Chatham Square, 212-267-0220 [previous post on AGINY]

Tuesday morning, we rode the bus to Harlem for waffles at Amy Ruth's for $20 ...113 West 116th Street, between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., 212-280-8779 [NYC nosh | MenuPages | NY Mag | Citysearch | openlist | Savory NY | Yelp]

Tuesday evening, we ate at the Nice (with a compliementary wedding show) for $90 for 4 ... 35 East Broadway, 212-406-9510 [previous post on AGINY | NYT | Citysearch]

All excellent and all good value ...


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New Big Wang - New South Wind

I was in Chinatown on Sunday morning to pay a visit to the dentist for some work -- very affordable from good dentists ... before visiting the dentist, I went to enjoy a bowl of delicious won-ton noodle soup and a plate of shrimps in a rice blanket at the New Big Wang ... I plan to return on Wednesday for lunch with Roger for their advertised plate of 4 soft-shell crabs for $12.50 ... cheaper then buying them fresh at the market ... 1 Elizabeth Street, 212-219-3686

After the dentist, I went to Chatham to buy $5 worth of dim sum for dinner at home. I walked along East Broadway and saw the Iran-Mexico football game on digital at a TV store ...

I discovered a brand new restaurant called Ming at East Broadway, packed with customers ... 75 East Broadway, 212-732-8886

Later I went to my old haunt, the New South Wind, for delicious to-fu stuffed with minced pork and coffee ... this is a very old Chinese immigrant cafe with plenty of inexpensive but delicious food ... not Disneyland ... 21 Division Street, 212-966-4116 [MenuPages | Yelp | Citysearch]

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Joe's Shanghai

The food at Joe's Shanghai in Flushing is very good and refined for a very simple reason ... pure Shanghai with no compromise because you are eating in the heart of Chinatown in Flushing ... their customers expect no less ... crab/pork soupy dumpling ... bowl of noodles with shrimps ... scallion pancake ... vegetables ...

Joe's Shanghai was superb, especially the crab and pork of the best Chinese meals I have had in the US...
-- Tyler Cowen

Besides the crab/pork soupy dumplings, try the fish-head casserole, Lion's Head casserole, and pig shoulder stew ...

Joe's Shanghai, 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, Queens, 718-539-3838 [NYT | NY Mag | Village Voice | openlist | Gayot | Yelp | Citysearch]


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Tangra for excellent Indian-Chinese food

Tangra Asian Fusion Cuisine opened in late-September, and according to Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld is the much-larger branch of Tangra Masala at 8709 Grand Avernue in Elmhurst (menu here) ... Chef-partner Peter Lo is no relation to Peter Lo of A Guy In New York ...

This is a big place, and the food is excellent ...

the Okra Tangra Masala is a truly outstanding dish ...

the Okra Tangra Masala is a truly outstanding dish ...

Tangra Restaurant : popcorn chicken
Tangra Restaurant : popcorn chicken is very popular (every table we saw ordered it), but we thought it was just OK - too much cornstarch

Tangra Restaurant : salt shrimp
Tangra Restaurant : salt shrimp was excellent

Tangra Restaurant : puffs
Tangra Restaurant : puffs

Tangra Restaurant : Tangra Masala lamb
Tangra Restaurant : Tangra Masala lamb was also excellent

Tangra Restaurant : spicey green beans
Tangra Restaurant : spicey green beans were very good

When we left at 10:00 pm or so on a weekday night, large Indian families were still coming in, a real testament to the popularity of Tangra ... conveniently located just across the street from the 40th St./Lowery St. stop on the 7 train.

A mneu from the original Tangra in Elmhust is available from the BridgeandTunnelClub

3923 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside, NY, 718-786-8008/8181 [mnemex]


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Shanghai Cafe - soup dumplings / xiao long bao

Shanghai Cafe - excellent xiao long bao (soup dumplings)

Shanghai Cafe - 100 Mott Street
Shanghai Cafe - 100 Mott Street

the xiao long bao (soup dumplings: on the menu as Steamed tiny buns with pork) are excellent
the xiao long bao (soup dumplings: on the menu as "Steamed tiny buns with pork") are excellent ...

braised noodles Shanghai style
the braised noodles Shanghai style are very good ... so good that we started eating them before we took a picture ...

the xiao long bao (soup dumplings) are excellent
the xiao long bao are so good we ordered more ... and don't forget to eat the cabbage leaves ...

(see our post on how to eat a soup dumpling)

(previous review: Robert Sietsema (TWIR, August 26, 2005))

100 Mott Street, between Canal and Hester Streets, 212-966-3988 [MenuPages | Add Your Own Column | Citysearch]


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J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant - Chinese

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant ... 23 Catherine Street, Chinatown ...

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant ... 23 Catherine Street, Chinatown

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant ... 23 Catherine Street, Chinatown

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant ... shrimp dumpling noodle soup - perfect on a cold winter day
J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant ... shrimp dumpling noodle soup - perfect on a cold winter day

previous post: Delicious Whole Fish - J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant

23 Catherine Street, between Henry and East Broadway, 212-571-2440 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

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Chinatown dim sum - "Chinese tapas"

Yum cha means "drink tea" in Cantonese, and typically tea is served with the small snacks and dumplings known as dim sum. If you're heading to Chinatown for the 15-day celebration of the Chinese New Year, which starts today, here are some places to sample these popular delicacies.

"Chinatown: Sip Tea, Raise Chopsticks," by Kris Ensiminger, The New York Times, January 29, 2006

this article is simply a rehash from previous articles about dim-sum in Chinatown ... these articles stick to the same old familiar places ...

I do not fancy Ping's because they try to be too modern and slick ... so that they can charge you more money per person ... they include many dishes that are not dim-sum but regular dishes disguised as dim-sum plates ...

Dim Sum A Go-Go is good for anyone who cannot speak Cantonese and can order the food from a menu-list ... "dim-sum by the numbers" ... this is not the traditional manner to enjoy dim-sum ...

the whole idea of dim-sum is to sit and talk, eat a plate, talk more, wait for a fresh trolley of dim-sum, order another ... and so on ... as in a Spanish tapas cafe ... you do not order all at once and mouth them down as in Dim-Sum A Go-Go ...

Oriental Garden is good but too much money, as for the others too ...

I save the Nice for delicious Cantonese dinners ... which I did on the Lunar New Year with eight friends ... a 10 course banquet for $280.00 including the tip ... we brought French champagne, white and reds wines ... service cannot be any better ...

My favourite dim-sum restaurant is still the Chatham Restaurant ... very fresh dim-sum and $5 plates of noodles ... the old fashion way ... eat slowly, talk and enjoy the day ... moreover, the Chatham specialises in dim-sum while the restaurants mentioned cook dim-sum, lunch and dinners ... see "Best dim-sum in Chinatown" ...

Dim Sum Go Go, 5 East Broadway, 212-732-0797 [MenuPages | NYT | openlist | Gayot]

Jing Fong, 20 Elizabeth Street, 212-964-5256 [NYT | openlist | Gayot | Citysearch]

Nice, see our post "Nice Restaurant - Chinatown," 35 East Broadway, 212-406-9510 [NYT | Citysearch]

Ping's Seafood, 22 Mott Street, 212-602-9988 [MenuPages | NYT | openlist | Gayot | Citysearch]

Oriental Garden, 14 Elizabeth Street, 212-619-0085 [NYT | openlist]

Sweet 'N' Tart Restaurant, 20 Mott Street, 212-964-0380 [MenuPages | NYT | openlist | Gayot | Citysearch]

Triple Eight Palace, 88 East Broadway, 212-941-8886 [NYT | openlist | Gayot]

Post by Peter

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Grand Sichuan International - Chinese

Grand Sichuan International Midtown ... according to the menu it serves "freshly killed chicken" ... what do they do when you order a half-chicken ...

Grand Sichuan International Midtown soup dumplings
soup dumplings ... the skins were a little too thick ... contents good ...

Grand Sichuan International Midtown spicy chicken and noodles
spicy chicken and noodles ... excellent ...

Grand Sichuan International Midtown bok choy
bok choy ... also excellent ...

Grand Sichuan International is a small chain of 4 restaurants in NYC, and is not affiliated with Grand Sichuan in Chinatown at 125 Canal Street (which has the best hot pot in Manhattan) ...

Grand Sichuan International's 4 restaurants are located at 1049 2nd Avenue, 229 9th Avenue, 745 9th Avenue (pictured above), and 19-23 St.Marks Place at East 8th Street ...

web site, 745 Ninth Avenue, between 50th and 51st Streets, 212-582-2288/3071 [MenuPages | NYT | openlist | Gayot | Citysearch]


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New Big Wang Restaurant - Chinese

A new discovery in Fine Cantonese cuisine ... the New Big Wang Restaurant ... no need to order from the menu, simply speak to the head waiter, a very pleasant middle-age man, always smiling (who resembles General Eisenhower) ... ask him to create a menu of the fresh sea-food (Dungerness crabs, lobsters, fresh water sweet shrimps, fish, razor clams), tofu, mushrooms and green vegetables ... the e-fu noodles and roast duck are very good ... BYOW or champagne ...

The breakfast menu is also very good ... with congee, fresh lo-mein, wontons, fried Chinese dough-donuts, BBQ spare-ribs, soy-sauce chicken, squid, and braised tripe or beef ...

... 1 Elizabeth Street, 212-219-3686

P/S: we are going there this Saturday to celebrate the New Year ... with a huge party of 40 adults and children!

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Best Hot-Pot in Manhattan is at Grand Sichuan

The best hot-pot in Manhattan is at Grand Sichuan ... with a wonderful view of the Manhattan Bridge and points south ... sit by the window and order the hot pot ... be prepared for the very hot Sichuan peppers ... go with at least 4 people to enjoy the meal ... French champagne will be a good foil for the Sichuan heat ... since this is the holiday season ... drink and be merry ... 125 Canal Street, at Chrystie Street, 212-625-9212 [MenuPages | NYT | openlist | Citysearch]

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Nice Restaurant - Chinatown

The Beijing Duck at the Nice Restaurant, rated in Michelin New York 2006!

Beijing Duck at the Nice Restaurant

Baby roast suckling pig, jelly fish and sliced cold beef on a platter ... the house soup with chicken feet and pig belly ...

Baby roast suckling pig at the Nice Restaurant

Also try the crispy pan-fried whole flounder ...

We had a dinner for eight with friends from Aquebogue ... Joyce writes:

Our appetizers of Spring Roll and Barbecued Beef were delicious. The entrees were outstanding - especially the crispy green beans which were fresh tasting and deliciously seasoned with minced pork. The Peking Duck was tasty and succulent. In addition to the great food, the service was excellent. Our waiter was helpful, personable and had a great sense of humor. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a totally enjoyable dining experience.

35 East Broadway, 212-406-9510 [NYT | Citysearch]

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Chatham Restaurant - dim sum

Recently Peter and I met at the Chinatown restaurant called Chatham Restaurant. It’s across from the Confucius statue on Bowery below Canal. The Chatham (formerly called Hop Shing) is one of those traditional spots where they serve fresh dim sum up through the lunch hour. You get seated right away if you don’t mind sharing a big round table with one or more Chinese families. Otherwise you can ask for a booth and wait until one frees up.

The food is delicious and includes steamed or baked pork buns, dumplings of all kinds (chicken, vegetable, shrimp) pork balls, chicken feet, sticky rice, spare ribs etc. You get all these fresh off the cart as they roll around – or you can order from an extensive menu. It’s an opportunity to be adventurous and taste a lot of different dishes – so best go with at least a couple of friends.

Chatham Restaurant (it used to be called Hop Shing), 9 Chatham Square, at East Broadway, 212-267-0220 [MenuPages | New York Times | CitySearch]

Our previous Chatham post

post by Roger

AGINY Good Value

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Grand Sichuan International - Chelsea

We enjoyed dinner at the Grand Sichuan International in Chelsea on Sunday (Oct. 30, 2005) ... red spicey thin sliced tripe and beef tongue, cool cucumber salad, steamed crab and pork soupy dumplings, garlic stir-fried bok-choy and fish-head/tofu casserole ... Angela took this photo of the Empire State while we were waiting for a table ...

Empire State Building at night, October 30, 2005

Previous post mentioning Grand Sichuan on Canal Street in Chinatown, which is not related to the Grand Sichuan International chain.

web site, 229 9th Avenue, at 24th Street, 212-620-5200 [MenuPages | NYT | openlist | Gayot | Citysearch]

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Impressionist Art and Good Chinese Food ... This Weekend

This week-end at Rockefeller Plaza, free to the public ... a very great show of Impressionist paintings from the Masters ... Saturday, October 29, 2005, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm and Sunday, October 30, 2005, 1:00 - 5:00 pm ... next door to Wu-Liang-Ye ... yummy dan-dan mein, ma-po tofu, etc.

"Impressionist & Modern Art - at Christie's," A Guy In New York, October 19, 2005

Wu Liang Ye, 215 East 86th Street, 212-534-6032

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Notes from a visitor to NYC - Mishima, New York Noodle Town, Grand Sichuan

Peter received this email from Angela's oldest sister, Maria, who owns a restaurant (Tin-Jo) in San José, Costa Rica, and who recently visited New York ...

I had the best meals yet during this trip. Mishima was delicately sumptuous. Noodle Town´s steamed flounder was out of this world and I simply loved the Dan Dan Mien of Grand Szechuan. Good thing I left afer 10 days or else I would gain at least 20 pounds.
Maria and Angela at Grand Sichuan

Mishima, 164 Lexington Avenue, between 30th and 31st Streets, 212-532-9596 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

New York Noodle Town, 28 Bowery, at Bayard Street, 212-349-0923 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

The Grand Sichuan ... is still very good, which means very hot and spicy food ... a big plus, the restaurant has two big windows looking onto the Manhattan Bridge and Wall Street ... what a view, especially on a cold winter day with the sun streaming into the space ... try the hot/spicey tripe and tongue and an order of cool cucumbers ... 125 Canal Street, at Chrystie Street, 212-625-9212 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

email to Peter

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The search for the perfect restaurant whole fish ... Nice Restaurant

... to the folks at eGullet looking for the perfect whole fish ... please go try the crispy pan-fried whole flounder at the Nice Restaurant on East Broadway ... with a bottle of chilled sauvignon blanc! ... for a balanced Cantonese meal, order the Beijing pork-chops ... the shrimps with garlic chives, pea shoot tips in garlic ... beef and scallions ... and a bowl of the complimentary "house" soup ...

35 East Broadway, between Catherine and Market Streets, 212-406-9510 [Citysearch]


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Best value for Beijing "hot-and-sour" soup - Fried Dumpling

the best value for Beijing "hot-and-sour" soup ... I vote for the Fried Dumpling at Allen Street ... $1.50 for a full plastic container ... also, their fried sesame bread and fried spring rolls, 50 cents each ... one can never go hungry in the Big Apple ... lunch or dinner for under $5.00! ...

Fried Dumpling, 99 Allen Street, between Delancey and Broome Streets, 212-941-9975 [Citysearch]

AGINY Good Value

post by Peter


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Delicious Whole Fish - J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant

for delicious whole fish ... I suggest the J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant for their pan-fried flounder ... the delicate flounder is so tender that one can eat the crispy dorsal fins and fish tail!!! ... or ginger/scallion steamed flounder ... whole fish ... I took a whole gang of friends there on Sunday night ... Maria, visiting from Costa Rica raved about the whole steamed flounder ... the restaurant's secret is that they are located next door to a fish market ...

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant also creates delicious stir-fried spinach, water-cress or Chinese broccoli with garlic ... very fresh silky tofu and shrimps ... eggplant with garlic sauce besides their wonton noodle soups, thousand-year old egg and roast pork congee, and ginger/scallion lo-mein ...

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant, 19 Henry Street, between Catherine and Market Streets, 212-571-2440 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

post by Peter

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Shanghai Food

R. W. Apple Jr. has a very nice round up of Shanghainese food in "Shanghai, a Far East Feast" ... "Foods from afar compete with heaping helpings of first-rate Chinese dishes, from Guangzhou, Sichuan, Hunan and of course Shanghai. Local river prawns, slow-cooked pork rump, hairy crabs (in season) and above all xiao long bao, the soup dumplings beloved in the United States, are all on offer in classic form." ... "steamed, pork-filled soup dumplings" ...

... sheng jian bao ... "delicate cong you bing, or scallion pancakes, and ji dan bing, a kind of breakfast burrito" ... "beef noodle soup, lightly curry-flavored" ... "amazingly tender, custardlike tofu, a reproach to the flannel-like stuff often served outside China, topped with coriander and chili oil" ... "Ti pang, the fabulously fatty Shanghainese pork shank, was luscious as foie gras." ... "Crystal river prawns, bathed in egg whites before stir-frying, and yu xiang qiezi bao, spicy caramelized eggplant" ...

... "heavenly tofu, served with salted duck egg yolk and clam strips; thin-shelled river shrimp, roe still attached, steamed with ginger; whole pomfret braised in soy (with plenty of Shanghai's beloved sugar added) and the pièce de résistance, giant snails whose meat had been removed, then chopped, mixed with pork and spices and reinserted into the shells." ...

... "'To be born in Shanghai is a great privilege,' Dr. Shen mused. 'You get better education, better economic opportunity, better health care, better everything than elsewhere in China.' To which I added, 'and some of the world's best food.'" ...

which reminds us of what a friend said after eating a wonderful dinner in NYC's Chinatown: "Thank God I'm Chinese!" ...

Even if you're not Chinese, you can still thank God for good food when eating in some of NYC's best Chinese and Asian restaurants ... Sanur ... Chatham Restaurant ... Wu Liang Ye ... Nyona ... and many more ...

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"Dim Sum and Then Some"

The Asia Society is sponsoring a panel discussion on dim sum ... "Dim Sum and Then Some" ... moderated by Mimi Sheraton ... panelists include Michael Tong, Harley Spiller, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Phil Suarez, Patricia Yeo, Handel Lee ... $15 members, $30 nonmembers ... October 25, 2005, 6:30-8:30 pm ... 725 Park Avenue, at East 71st Street, 212-517-2742

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Dim Sum - basic info

We love to eat dim sum once in a while ... we are especially fond of good chicken feet ... and we agree with Eddie of deep end dining who says, "If the chicken feet aren't excellent, chances are the other dishes aren't exceptional either." ... here are some sites with information about dim sum ... and see our last post about the best dim sum in NYC here ...

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Web site worth knowing about - Eating Chinese

Eating Chinese "is a labor of love, and being the creation of a man with a slow hand, it will not come to the table with the alacrity of a dry-fry, which is to say it is permanently under construction."

Gary Soup, the webmaster, has an impressive collection of links, but the heart of the site is the discussion forums.

As a lover of chicken feet, we were pleased to discover an entire thread discussing them. And if you want advice for a good Chinese restaurant anywhere, try posting in the Restaurant Tip Sheet.

Mr. Soup, all you need is a blog!

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Excellent Sichuan Food - Upper East Side

We have written about Wu Liang Ye before, the Lexington Ave. location.

Last Friday, we walked to the 86th Street & 3rd Avenue location for a meal at the Wu Liang Ye, 3rd ... it is up-town and I was fearful that the meal would not be as good as the mid-town location ...

Good news ... the dishes we ordered were very competently prepared in the Chinese manner ...

we started with three dishes ... Poached razor clams with Sichuan peppercorn and scallion vinaigrette ... Ox tongue and tripe with roasted chili and peanut vinaigrette .. Jelly fish julienne with scallion pesto ... yummy, yummy, yummy! ... the three dishes can be ordered as a combination for $20.95 ... worth every penny ... the sauces were delicious with the right strength of chili and green scallion ...

next ... we ate an order of Chengdu wonton with Sichuan peppercorn vinaigrette ... swallowing clouds! $4.95 ...

finally, we ate sauteed spinach with garlic $8.95 ... so very delicate ... with a bowl of steamed rice ...

a perfect meal ...

I had a glass of Wu-Liang-Ye, a colorless grain alcohol ... similar to vodka ... taste of lemon and lichi ... drink chilled ... can be considered as their house wine ... very smooth with the hot Sichuan peppercorns ... $6.00 with the meal ...

very good service, too ... I will be back to try other dishes.

And we got in some exercise ... walking twenty blocks each way on a Friday evening ...

215 East 86th Street, 212-534-6032

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AGINY Good Value and Highly Recommended

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