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25th Anniversary of Chimay Trappist Ales in NY

Please come and join me : The 25th Anniversary Chimay Trappist Ales in U.S.A ... .Wednesday, November 5, 2008, at The Ginger Man, 7 - 9 PM ... the only pub in Manhattan that does not have any television sets!

The Ginger Man, web site, 11 East 36th Street, NY, NY, 212-532-3740 [Yelp]

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Willis Loughhead at Country

Had a very fine evening last week enjoying a press/blogger dinner sponsored by Arm & Hammer at Country ... the recently renovated Carlton Hotel is very luxurious and comfortable in the Neo-Classical style.

Cocktails and dinner were served on the second floor over-looking the lobby. It was a sight to behold with the lovely chandeliers and Roman style mosaic-tiled floors. The executive chef, Willis Loughhead, presented us with a wonderful series of his creations, running from cod cheeks to pig ears. Wonderful service and lovely French wine.

Learned much about Arm & Hammer and their baking soda ... The next morning, I brought out my silver-plated soup ladle and polished with baking soda - what a brilliant shine! For many more uses of baking soda, see Peter Ciullo's "Baking Soda Bonanza."

Lauren Steinhorn and her crew from Edelman were magnificent ... it was a great pleasure to meet everyone.

Country, web site, 90 Madison Avenue, at 29th Street, New York, 212-889-7100 [savory ny]


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