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Restaurants that used to be - Lum Fong

In 1950, "Lum Fong on [150] West 52nd was the hot Chinese restaurant." There were two locations, both started by Mr. Lum Fong: 220 Canal Street (now the Sun Say Gay, or Sun Say Kai, Restaurant), and 150 West 52nd Street.

James Lileks has a matchbook cover and overview.

Mr. Lum Fong is reported to have "popularized won-ton soup and egg and shrimp roll in this country."

According to Tips on Tables, Robert Dana said in a July 1943 New York Herald Tribune piece that Lum Fong's was one of two of "the Chinese restaurants best known in the city...."

In "New York City - Around The World In 80 Dinners," Antiques Digest says that Lum Fong was "where Americans were first initiated in such Chinese classics as egg roll, lobster roll, won ton soup and chow yock soong."

Barry Popick has an entry in The Big Apple, "Egg Roll, Won Ton (Cantonese Cuisine)."

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New York Changing - at the City Museum of New York through November 13, 2005

New York Changing: Douglas Levere Revisits Berenice Abbott’s New York presents 50 pairs of photographs by contemporary photographer Douglas Levere and world-renown photographer Berenice Abbott. Abbott’s iconic photographs, drawn from the Museum’s permanent collection, were taken in the 1930s and first published in her landmark book, Changing New York (1939). More than six decades later, Levere used the same camera Abbott had used and returned to the same locations at the same time of day and the same time of year. Indeed, he took on the role of detective as he successfully sought to understand and replicate every aspect of Abbott’s process. When seen side by side, these two remarkable bodies of work reveal much about the city and the nature of urban transformation. Perhaps more than anything else, these carefully crafted images powerfully suggest that in New York, the only constant is change.

Many of the photographs are shown side-by-side on the project's web site at NEW YORK CHANGING | image list here

Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street, 212-534-1672

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Pizza introduced to NYC 100 years ago

The Food Timeline says that pizza was introduced to NYC 100 years ago this year ... and "According to the food historians the introduction of pizza to New York City is attributed to Gennaro Lombardi when he opened up his pizzeria at 53 1/2 Spring Street in 1905." ... Thank you Mr. Lombardi!

Pizza is still served at 53 Spring Street today ... at Gatsby's ... 212-334-4430

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