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Excellent BBQ near Williamsburg, VA - Hog Wild Smokehouse

Gracious service, excellent food.

Must try's: the collard greens, pulled pork, pear cobbler (in season), sweet potato pie.

Five kinds of sauces in a recycled 6-pack carrier

Mr. Bill's Oyster Feast, with barbeque beans

Combo: ribs, pulled pork, Stewed green beans, cheesy cornbread, collard greens

Hog Wild Smokehouse, web site, 8864 Richmond Road, Toano, VA 23168 757-741-2515 [Yelp |]

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When in Virginia Beach, VA

Mimi Sheraton likes the crabs in Virginia Beach (a couple of hours south of Washington, DC) ... Chick's Oyster Bar ... Virginia Seafood Company's South End Pub ... Lucky Star ... Croakers Neighborhood Grill ... Coastal Grill ...

Beautiful eating, however, is the lure for me whenever I am beside the Chesapeake shores, in my experience the source of the world 's pearliest and most toothsome crab meat. ... As with lobsters when I am in Maine and oysters in Brittany, it was crabs that I built my daily meals on a recent five-day quest in Virginia Beach.

We'll have to check one of these out the next time we're in Virginia Beach for a soccer tournament ... see the article for restaurant addresses, hours and web links ...

"In Virginia Beach, Restaurants Where the Food Goes Sideways," by Mimi Sheraton, NYT, August 14, 2005

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