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NYC Restaurant Week. .. $24.07 pirx-fixed

From the list of restaurants participating in this event, I selected ASIATE, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 80 Columbus Avenue, 212-805-8881... for their very spectecular view and fine service. I was suprised that we were able to snare a reservation on the morning for a 12.30 pm lunch. Asiate, the restuarant is very beautiful and comfortable.

We declined the first choice of table which was set into a booth for private conversation. We wanted to see the view from the 35th floor. My 2 sisters and a niece joined me for this lunch which became a birthday celebration for Sophia (August 18) and Lisaa (August 19). I selected a bottle of Austrian Trabor Gruner Veltliner to accompany the fine meal. We each ordered a different appetizer of chilled pea soup with lobster meat, a seafood risotto, a friesee salad and a grilled tuna salad. Excellent dishes and we played musical chairs to sample all the four plates. What fun and nobody in the restaurant raised an eye-brow. For the main course, the 3 ladies ordered the Wild Salmon and I enjoyed the grilled flank steak. The deserts were very good and light. What a great meal to enjoy a small reunion with my 2 sisters and neice before they left for Paris and Alexandria, VA. that afternoon. During the lunch, the booth-table that we declined was occupied by Chris Rock, the comedian!!! One more week to sample and experience this fine dining.

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Movie Under The Stars

Movie Under The Stars ... Wednesday, July 25, 2007, 8.30 pm ... Pier 1 on 70th Street, Hudson River, Riverside Park

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Best Shanghai's "soupy pork dumplings"

For the best Shanghai's "soupy pork dumplings" ...

in Manhattan, please go to the Grand Sichuan, 24th Street & 9th Avenue at Chelsea. Very well prepared fresh whole fish in a delicate sauce for $18.95. Beef tripe and tongue in a very hot red-sauce. Garlicky cool cucumber slices. Silky soft bean curd ma-po to-fu is very hot and spicey for $8.95. I love the string-beans for vegetables. The service is very polite and efficient. Can get very crowded at the prime dinner time. 229 9th Avenue, 212-620-5200 [openlist | Yelp]

For the very best in Flushing, please go to Joe's Shanghai .... including soy-sauce braised pork shoulder, crispy fried wheat noodles, Shanghai bok-choy and prawns. Very crowded and busy at dinner time. 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, 718-539-3838 [openlist | Yelp]

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Good value pizza pie with fresh mozzarella - Patsy's

Dear E & P: Thanks for the feed back. My place for a good value pizza pie with fresh mozzarella is at Patsy's, on First Avenue between 117th & 118th Street ... a whole pie for $11. Eight delicious slices. Steamed mussels with red sauce for $6.95, etc. I would love to show you all this best value pizzeria ... We can catch the M-15 bus uptown and ride the subway home, all with one ticket ...

P/S: This is the place where I bring all my gringo friends who hate Chinese food!

Patsy's Pizzeria, 2287 1st Avenue, between 117th and 118th Streets, 212-534-9783 [openlist | Yahoo | Slice | Gayot | Best Pizza in New York]

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$6 dinner ... includes dessert ... at Sanur

Last Sunday, I ate a very delicious Nyonya plate of rice with a choice of 3 dishes and a styro-foamed cup of clear soup ... for $3 ... a real taste of Penang island on the island of Manhattan ... also, 2 curry-puffs and 2 Nyonya Kuehs (coconut cakes) for $3 to go ... a perfect solution when I eat alone in this big City ...

Sanur Restaurant, 18 Doyers Street, 212-267-0088 [AGINY | TCEDG | MenuPages | Citysearch | Yelp]

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Good Vegetarian

BY: On this topic, I prefer very hot & spicey Indian vegetarian cooking at Saravanaas and at Chennai Garden for their versions of masala dosa, breads, whole grains, vegetables, etc. Zen Palate has been around for many years but I could never bring myself to eat there.

Saravanaas,, web site (flash and music), 81 Lexington Avenue, at 26th Street, 212-679-0204 [NY Mag | MenuPages | Citysearch | NYT | Yelp]

Chennai Garden, 129 East 27th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, 212-689-1999 [MenuPages | NY Mag | Village Voice | NYT | Yelp]

The best Chinese food is in Chinatown - Manhattan and Flushing.

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Vegetarianism in China

Together with Buddhism, vegetarianism came into China from India in the 6th century. Like Buddhism, vegetarianism was foreign to the Chinese. As an agrarian people, the Chinese had always eaten whatever was available, seeing no good reason to do otherwise. Unlike some other ancient people, the Chinese are remarkably free of arbitrary food taboos.Buddhism came along and declared that the taking of animal life was immoral.... Vegetarianism was never practiced extensively in China. This is reflected in the language: there is no commonly used word for vegetarianism or for vegetarian. Vegetarianism was required only for monks but not of Buddhists in general...In historical China, the only class of people other than monks who practiced vegetarianism were old ladies in wealthy families. After all, they could afford to....

Chapter 12, "Swallowing Clouds," by A. Zee.

KM, this is my answer to your inquiry about why I could not bring myself to eat at the Zen Palate. Not because the Zen Palate [web site] does not serve fresh mozzarella.

Post by Peter

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Sweet-n-Tart Cafe

Sweet-n-Tart Cafe ... after picking-up my niece from the JFK airport, we went to this delicious Hong-Kong Cantonese eatery for a late breakfast. Very good tasting, fresh and crunchy Chinese brocoli with oyster sauce ... deliciously smooth won-tons of shrimps, ground pork, scallions and watercress ... freshly made rice noodles wrap with fried bread ...

A very typical Hong Kong Cantonese style breakfast. Very good service, too! Yes, swallowing clouds ... aka ... won-tons ...

Sweet-n-Tart Cafe, web site, 136-11 38th Avenue, Flushing, NY, 718-661-3380 [openlist | NY Mag | Newsday |

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On my birthday morning, I met my adopted twin-sister and we walked to the Boathouse Cafe in Central Park for coffee and croissants. We met about 20 years ago in the Hamptons and found out that we were both born on the same day, month and year!!! Grandma Jane is her nick-name. Yes, she is a grandma and after all her kids have grown-up she came into Manhattan (the island of joy) to re-create a new life for herself. I am so impressed with her drive and energy.

Afterwards, I met up with my 2 sisters and 2 nieces and we all had a slow meandering stroll in Central Park uptown to Cafe Sabarsky to enjoy lunch and delicious slices of cakes for my birthday. I cannot recall all their Austrian names but we enjoyed 5 assorted slices. My old friend Hans Pohlschroeder joined us for the celebration.

Next we went to the MET Museum for a cooling interlude. Came back to my apartment for a short rest and discussion about to-go-or-not-to-go for my sister, Sophia. She had to go and so we all rode the subway to Chinatown. Luckily, we missed a very harrowing electrical black-out due to the heat-wave.

We enjoyed a very delicious 7-course HK-Cantonese meal before her departure at 7 pm. The menu of roast duck, chicken, ribs, won-ton, fresh dumplings, ginger-scallion lo-mein, roast pork lo-mein, yau-choy vegetables, etc. So good and satisfying to the soul. Little place on the southwest corner of East Broadway and Market Street. The owner, Madame Nelli, is a fantastic host.

After sending her off on the bus, the rest of us went to see a great jazz performance by Ms. Paula West and John Pizzarelli at the River-to-River festival ... because of the bad weather the free concert was moved indoors ... to the Stuyvesant High School with such great acoustics. Next was Congee Village (100 Allen Street) and Ciao Bella ice-cream .... Oh what a birthday!

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The Art Market will be bullish until 2008

The Art Market will be bullish until 2008

On consecutive evenings last week auction records tumbled as Christie's and then Sotheby's hosted their summer sales of Contemporary Art.

Art Market Review, Contemporary Art, Sotheby's, June 2007

Anticipated in the press as the most successful sales to take place in London, June's Impressionist and Modern Art auctions at Sotheby's and Christie's spectacularly lived up to their billing. While New York remains the centre of the market--as evidenced by the extraordinary totals achieved there last May--London is fast gaining on its New World rival and the buoyancy of the market has meant collectors are offering for sale works of outstanding quality by artists such as Monet, Matisse, Renoir, Rodin and Picasso.

Art Market Review, Impressionist and Modern Art, Sotheby's, June 2007

Post by Peter

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