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Learning to eat and appreciate Chinese food in Penang

Rather than attend the Asia Society's dim sum talk ... I have made a decision not to attend because of the cost ... I'd rather ride the subway to Chinatown for a dim-sum lunch and do away with all the talk from the so-called experts ... I have eaten dim-sum since I was a little boy in Penang and have a very good reference from my own taste buds ...

I owe my sense of good food to my 2nd uncle and 8th aunty ... growing up on Penang island ... my 2nd uncle, whenever he came to visit with his male entourage from Ipoh, would take me along for the meals at the restaurants ... in this manner, I grew up enjoying and developing my taste for all the fine Chinese restaurant dishes ...

My 2nd aunty taught me to enjoy all the fine ingredients from her Nyonya home cooking! ... As a child, I am sure I refused to eat some types of vegetables, sauce, or meat ... I can still remember her standing behind me at the dinner table insisting that I eat, or else!!! One never refused her offer ... I have learned to appreciate her wisdom ... and good food ...

see our "Best dim-sum in Chinatown" post ...

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