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"New York enobles the smallest task"

James Lileks describes Manhattan:

you do feel like a Man of the World sometimes when you’re poking through the produce at Smiler’s or Dean and Delucca. The big city growling outside, the unpredictable clientele, the stolid storekeeper, the mix of chaos and order, the skyscraper lights, the smear of dusk in the indistinct distance – New York enobles the smallest task. I never feel more cosmopolitan than when I’m getting supplies at this grocery in the Roosevelt Hotel or the thin typical joint across from the Millennium, right up to the moment when they tell me I owe them $36.93 for muffins and a beer. There’s just a buzz in these places, be it ten PM or 8 AM. The city is full of juice and it spills into every shop. A steam table with fried rice and Knickerbocker beer and Danish candy and fresh oranges and big Rice Krispee bars in Saran Wrap and the great calamitous kaleidoscope of Manhattan just yards away.

"Let's Take a Ride and Run with the Dogs Tonight," James Lileks, August 31, 2005

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Eat for $5

Laren at Gothamist has a great post about eating for $5 ... "Eating for Five Big Ones" ... we love Vietnamese sandwiches ...

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I agree with the sentiments expressed in this NYT article about lard ... "High on the Hog," by Corby Kummer, August 12, 2005 ... I used to observe my 8th aunt cook a wok full of lard to create oil for frying ... no wonder her food tasted so good ... "keow teoh," the Nyonya broad rice noodles are fried with lard in Nyonya ...

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Big Apple Blog Festival - August 29, 2005

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

Welcome to Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF), a representative roundup of this week's posts by NYC bloggers.

Alarming News is organizing a NY blogger bash for sometime in early September.

Listed on the ÜberCarnival page and in Carnival News.

If you have a NYC blog and want to see something in the next BABF, send us a short write up and a permalink to aguyinnewyork [at] gmail ... see you next week ...

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The next Big Apple Blog Fesitval

will be posted on Monday, August 29, 2005. To include your best post from this past week, send it to us by 9:00 pm ET tonight, Sunday, August 28.

aguyinnewyork [at] gmail

While you're here, have a look around.

This Week in Reviews ... Googletalk ... Counterfeit Handbags ... Upcoming free events at Lincoln Center ... Rossville, Staten Island - "One of the eeriest places in the five boroughs" ... and more ...

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Light posting this weekend

Light posting this weekend ... off to the Dulles National Soccer Tournament

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This Week in Reviews - August 26, 2005

This Week in Reviews (TWIR)

Each Friday, A Guy In New York publishes "This Week in Reviews (TWIR)," with quick links to New York City restaurant reviews and mentions from the previous seven days in blogs, magazines, and newspapers.


Subway MTA map | Straphangers interactive map | schedules | HopStop

Did we miss your favorite review? Want to see your review here next week?

Let us know: aguyinnewyork [at] gmail ... we're especially interested in hearing from NYC bloggers ...

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Looking for a good Thai restaurant?

The Asia Society has a roundup of authentic Thai dishes at NYC restaurants in "Thai Tastes in New York City" ... here's info about the survey ...

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New York City Walk - web site

New York City Walk is a record of a walk of every street in Manhattan. Caleb Smith began walking in April, 2002, and finished December 19, 2004, covering more than 700 miles.

And we agree with Mr. Smith: "The biggest celebrity in New York City is New York itself."

Some of our favorite pages

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Counterfeit handbags ... watches ... "the real McCoy"

Handbags, books, baby formula, shampoo, auto and aircraft parts, pharamceuticals, electrical cords, audio CDs ... the list of counterfeit goods goes on and on ...

Knockoff designer goods and other fake products not only cost the city millions of dollars, but may also fund terrorism. Helping to bust these counterfeit rings is an army of "secret shoppers."

"Spies Like Us," by Jane Borden, Photographs by Timothy Fadek, Time Out NY, August 12-19, 2004

In 1872, inventor Elijah McCoy patented a lubricating system designed to prevent overheating and seizing on steam engines. His lubricators worked extremely well, saving the shipping lines and railroads lots of money. The success and popularity of McCoy's device soon brought many copies, which cost far less but didn't work nearly as well. These fakes created costly problems for purchasers, who believed they were saving money. Those who wanted to use a genuine product to ensure quality and dependability asked for McCoy's product by name. Thus was born the phrase "the real McCoy."

"Counterfeit Parts: A Poor Fit for Your Shop," by Tom Nash, MOTOR, January 2004

More Information

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Bloggers - GuestMap

Please add your blog to our GuestMap.

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downloadsquad has a Google Talk Review ... "Basic IM capabilities, high-quality and easy to use VoIP, complete integration with Gmail" ... "Google tells us that SIP support is coming soon and are in talks with Skype, AOL, and Yahoo! concerning interoperability. Another big feature they're working on is 'joint search,' which would allow two or more Google Talk buddies using Google and surfing the web together." ... sounds interesting ... but we wonder about security ...

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Upcoming free events ... at Lincoln Center

Dee Dee Bridgewater ... August 28, 2005, 8 pm ... Viva la diva! Une soiree des chansons Jazz ... she is a great performer ... I am looking forward to hearing her sing ... Damrosch Park Bandshell, 62nd and Amsterdam, Lincoln Center ... (discography)

Hung-Sheng Lion Dance Theater ... August 29, 2005, 8 pm ... dazzling dancing and drumming, acrobats ... Damrosch Park Bandshell, 62nd and Amsterdam, ... and August 30, 2005, 10:30 am ... Josie Robertson Plaza

These performances are part of Lincoln Center Out of Doors 2005 ... running through September 4th ...

Subway MTA map | Straphangers interactive map | schedules | HopStop

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13th Annual Charlie Parker Jazz Concert - free

13th Annual Charlie Parker Jazz Concert ... "The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival annually assembles some of the finest musicians in the world who reflect Parker’s musical individuality and genius, to promote appreciation for this highly influential and world-renowned artist."

Subway map | interactive map | schedules | HopStop

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Movies Under the Stars - Marathon Man, August 25, 2005

3rd Annual Central Park Film Festival

Marathon Man (1976) ... Directed by John Schlesinger ... with Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Oliver. Columbia University graduate student, Babe Levy, spends his spare time running in marathons. He finds himself running for his life, however, when a series of deadly events beyond his control leads to his pursuit by fierce Nazi fugitive, Szell ... 125 minutes

Wednesday, August 24, 2005, 8:00 pm, Rumsey Playfield, Central Park - East 72nd Street off Fifth Avenue ...

Read More »

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Rossville, Staten Island - "One of the eeriest places in the five boroughs"

Earlier this month, we had a brief overview of Shaun O'Boyle's haunting photographs of abandoned tugs and ferries at the Rossville Boatyard [The Boatyard (the elephant's graveyard)], which is in Rossville, Staten Island. Rossville is described by forgotten NY in "The deadpool" thus:

One of the eeriest places in the five boroughs, the entire Northeast, or perhaps the entire country, is in the borderland where New York City peters out, leaving New Jersey ahead and the hustle & bustle of the city behind. This is the place where the souls of 17th and 18th century patriots wander in search of someone to clean up their burial ground, and the place where ferries, tugs, barges and skiffs of decades past linger while they wait their turn to sink to Davy Jones' Locker.

forgotten NY, in another article about Rossville, "The End of New York: The Ruins of Rossville," said that it

seemingly preserves its wrecks like no other neighborhood in the city I've yet seen. Truly, this is the literal (it's near the southernmost edge of Staten Island) and figurative end of New York City.

Other Sites

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"'Art Funds' Starved for Investors" - WSJ

Today's Wall Street Journal had an article discussing funds set up to invest in art ... the lede: "Art prices are dazzling collectors these days, but the market for investment funds that buy and sell art is looking gloomier than El Greco's 'View of Toledo.'" ... "'Art Funds' Starved for Investors," by Marcus Baram, page C1, August 22, 2005 (subscription required) ... according to the article, the only fund performing well is the Fine Art Fund, based in London ... whose CEO is a former executive of Christie's, Philip Hoffman ...

We wrote about Art as an Investment in July

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The New Yorker Festival - September 23-25, 2005

The New Yorker Festival returns for its sixth year, from September 23rd through September 25th, in a celebratory weekend of public discourse on arts and ideas. The three-day schedule of events encompasses readings, musical performances, interviews, debates, and excursions around New York City.

Ticket on sale August 25th.

More info

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Restaurants that used to be - Lum Fong

In 1950, "Lum Fong on [150] West 52nd was the hot Chinese restaurant." There were two locations, both started by Mr. Lum Fong: 220 Canal Street (now the Sun Say Gay, or Sun Say Kai, Restaurant), and 150 West 52nd Street.

James Lileks has a matchbook cover and overview.

Mr. Lum Fong is reported to have "popularized won-ton soup and egg and shrimp roll in this country."

According to Tips on Tables, Robert Dana said in a July 1943 New York Herald Tribune piece that Lum Fong's was one of two of "the Chinese restaurants best known in the city...."

In "New York City - Around The World In 80 Dinners," Antiques Digest says that Lum Fong was "where Americans were first initiated in such Chinese classics as egg roll, lobster roll, won ton soup and chow yock soong."

Barry Popick has an entry in The Big Apple, "Egg Roll, Won Ton (Cantonese Cuisine)."

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Food writing courses and books

Want to become a food writer? ... take a class ... read a book ...

Read More »

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Big Apple Blog Festival - August 21, 2005

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

Welcome to Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF), a representative roundup of this week's posts by NYC bloggers.

Alarming News is organizing a NY blogger bash for Thursday, August 25th

Blissful Ignorance recounts his journey to America in "Boat Trip" ... "after drifting at sea for about 30 days, encounter with pirate (and related horrors), we were pick up by Indonesian Coast Guard. We spend several months in an UN Refugee game with other Vietnamese boat people. In the winter of 1980 we arrive in Brooklyn, NY." ...

Jolie in NYC responds to a reader who asks, "I want to know what is really on Naomi Watt's cheeks!" in "Beauty Question: Complexion Luminizers" ... we thought it was olive oil ...

Jeff Jarvis posts a discussion list of who is "using blogs well to expand news coverage and in newsrooms and who’s using the internet well to change how news is gathered and distributed" in "Who’s doing it right? Recommendations, please…"

Now What? is getting laser eye surgery next month and describes the preliminary exam ...

A Guy In New York posted its weekly roundup of NYC restaurant reviews in "This Week in Reviews - August 19, 2005"

the daily isolato links to a very interesting study on facial attractiveness ...

As I Please calls it a "Cold day for the Devil" ... because he's linking to The Village Voice ...

Exit Zero advises ... "when you're speaking to a bureaucrat, don't accuse his/her department of incompetence - accuse another, possibly competing department of incompetence and ask for their help in proving your case." ...

My Urban Kvetch 2005 does NOT approve of "14-year-olds with perfectly tweezed eyebrows." ... "My Emma Roberts Issue" ... we agree ...

Kesher Talk links to a blog "with cliff-hanger installments of the fairy-tale-cum-screwball-comedy story of his courtship of his wife...."

words to eat by warns you to NEVER, EVER, ON NO ACCOUNT, use Brooklyn Locksmiths, dba Speedway ... in "A PSA for Brooklynites: NEVER USE BROOKLYN LOCKSMITH, AKA SPEEDWAY" .. and helpfully lists all of their phone numbers ...

Overheard in New York's best subway-related post this week ... "Conductor: ...we are told the delay is indefinite...for future reference 'indefinite' does not mean the train won't leave at all. So all those people that just got off the train and went upstairs to wait, are still waiting! And you're on your way!" ...

brain terminal links to an interesting article in LAWeekly ... "Hollywood to Drive Nail in Newspaper Coffin?" ...

the corsair has an "Exclusive: Madonna is Stubborn" ... and promises: "In our next episode of Exxon-Mobil Gas-terpiece Theater, Rooco declares himself Zeus." ...

Asymmetrical Information ... says that "Many academics of my acquaintance profess to be aghast at the "status seeking" in which their neighbours engage--and yet I have never met anyone as obsessed with collecting professional merit badges as an academic." ... "Money money money money" ...

verbosecoma reminds you to "get your CMJ Badge so you won't miss some of fall's most anticipated films" ... September 14-17, 2005 ... CMJ Film Fest

Armavirumque reports that George Galloway will debate Christopher Hitchens ... on Iraq and U.S. and British foreign policy ... on September 14, 2005 ...

Waiter Rant has a post "I’m Letting the NY Post Do My Job Today" ... Ai yi yi yi yi ... and take a glance through the more than 250 comments ...

Newyorkish has a great collection of "Links: David Hasselhoff & Christmas Lights" ... including ... "Holiday gift idea: Mars will produce customized M&Ms with a name on them" ... "Slate reveals one of the closest guarded secrets on the Web:'s customer service number" (we bet THAT will change) ... "Strange animation of the day: It's a Wonderful Life, performed by animated bunnies in 30 seconds" (really) ...

A Year in Food is leaving NYC and moving to San Francisco ... after a 3 month tour of Europe ... starting in Barcelona ...

Bakerina, commenting on the Amanda Hesser NYT article, "Under Pressure," says that "It has been almost 30 years since my stepdad was foolhardy enough to buy my mother a Daisy Seal-a-Meal for Christmas, almost 30 years since we took a pass at making big batches of stew, vacuum-sealing them, freezing them and reheating them in boiling-water bags, only to decide that the results weren't worth the added time, the cost of the Seal-a-Meal bags or the increased amount of plastic in our garbage, 30 years since we said goodbye to all that...." ... but Bakerina, "sous vide" sounds so much more ... elegant ... than "seal-a-meal" ...

The People's Cube reports that "Nebraska Mom Demands Meeting With DQ CEO"

slice found a bunch of pizza-related postings on Craigslist Missed Connections ... "That's Amore: 'You Were on a Break from Mandee's'" ...

The Amateur Gourmet's 1000th post is "My 1000th Post: How To Start a Food Blog" ... congratulations on the 1000th post!

The Malcontent says lightning does strike twice ... in "The L Word" ... "Frozen in front of me for what seemed like a minute was an enormous wooden pot, carved from the trunk of a tree, beginning to tip over on its base. My mind was paralyzed with horror as I did some quick math on whether dropping a $400 camera-phone would be more foolish than reaching out to save a pot of indeterminate value." ...

Speaking of lightning ... Towleroad took a photo of lightning striking the Empire State Building ... only got it striking once though ...

A Hamburger Today has a quick overview of "The History of the Hamburger" ... yes, we know it's not this week, but we missed it ...

A Stitch in Haste notes that CRS has "released a report summarizing the Social Security debate and a convenient fact sheet on the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation system." ... coming soon to a citizen near you ... "Crises, Crises Everywhere..."

Harleys, Cars, Girls & Guitars is cruising the Caribbean ... with the Karaoke Queen and her extended family .. and blogging about Caribbean Harley dealers and tattoos

John-Boy at NYC Metroblog, who rides the G train, is looking for a fight over who has the "suckiest train" with anyone who rides the N train ... in "Straphangers? Where are these Straps? Is this S&M?"

Listed on the ÜberCarnival page and in Carnival News.

If you have a NYC blog and want to see something in the next BABF, send us a short write up and a permalink to aguyinnewyork [at] gmail ... see you next week ...

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New York Changing - at the City Museum of New York through November 13, 2005

New York Changing: Douglas Levere Revisits Berenice Abbott’s New York presents 50 pairs of photographs by contemporary photographer Douglas Levere and world-renown photographer Berenice Abbott. Abbott’s iconic photographs, drawn from the Museum’s permanent collection, were taken in the 1930s and first published in her landmark book, Changing New York (1939). More than six decades later, Levere used the same camera Abbott had used and returned to the same locations at the same time of day and the same time of year. Indeed, he took on the role of detective as he successfully sought to understand and replicate every aspect of Abbott’s process. When seen side by side, these two remarkable bodies of work reveal much about the city and the nature of urban transformation. Perhaps more than anything else, these carefully crafted images powerfully suggest that in New York, the only constant is change.

Many of the photographs are shown side-by-side on the project's web site at NEW YORK CHANGING | image list here

Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street, 212-534-1672

Read More »

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NYC Century Bike Tour, September 11, 2005

Transportation Alternatives' NYC Century Bike Tour, Sunday, September 11, 2005

100, 75, 55, 35 and 15 mile routes

The Century is your ride--as challenging or relaxing as you choose, but always fun and rewarding. All routes have been carefully designed with your safety and enjoyment in mind. No matter which route you choose, you will be fully supported by experienced marshals and mechanics along the route and plentiful food at scenic rest stops. Plus on ride day all riders will receive a commemorative organic cotton t-shirt.

More info

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Saturday catblogging

Luca with his friend Tigger ...

Luca with Tigger

taking a break from work ... thinking of Montauk ...

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Phishing, Pharming, and 419 scams

A roundup of information about phishing, pharming, and 419 scams.

Read More »

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This Week in Reviews - August 19, 2005

Each Friday, AGINY publishes "This Week in Reviews," with quick links to New York City restaurant reviews and mentions from the previous seven days in blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

gothamist reports that two more cream puff places are opening in the West Village ... "the Village might just be cream puff central."

Plate of the Day declares her love ... for Cafe Himalaya ... "very tasty and I love the home cooking aspect of this place." ... 78 E 1st Street, 212-358-0160 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Kate Crane says the lentil soup at Candle Cafe "might be my favorite soup in the city" ... she sounds unsure ... but she describes the chipotle grilled tofu and the porcini-walnut crusted seitan as "flawless" ... "Can-Delight Dinner: Uptown, upscale cause for celebration" ... 1307 Third Avenue at 75th Street, 212-472-0970 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

eat drink one woman has a great post, "Top 21 foods I'll go to a restaurant specifically for" ... we agree with her choice of Nyonya for roti canai ... fantastic ... you can almost make a meal out of 2 servings ... but we're going to part ways on the dumplings ... the "best dim-sum in Chinatown is at Chatham Restaurant" ... OK, OK, she limited it to shrimp and chive dumplings at Dim Sum Go Go ... Nyonya, 194 Grand Street between Mott and Mulberry, 212-334-3669 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Salli Vates ate at Soba Koh ... Salli liked ... "the homemade organic tofu, which was topped with a blanket of intensely green basil sauce and the aforementioned myoga and hot pepper. The spicy additions were a perfect foil for the cool, mild cubes of tofu." ... the soba special ... and black sesame pudding ... 309 East 5th Street, 212-254-2244 ... [pics from Andrea's Photo Blog] ... [from Japan Guide: "Soba noodles are native Japanese noodles made of buckwheat flour (soba-ko) and wheat flour (komugi-ko)."]

Peter Meehan reviewed Saravanaas ... a global chain out of India ... "Exploring India, With a Southern Approach" ... we're impressed that they waited 18 months for a real Indian chef ... and so is Mr. Meehan: "Just more than a month since opening, they are turning out some of the best South Indian food in the city." ... 81 Lexington Avenue at East 26th Street, 212-679-0204 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Steve Cuozzo, NYPost, looks at Mainland ... "WOK ON OVER TO MAINLAND," (rr), ... liked the appetizers ... pork dumplings ... pot stickers ... shellfish steamed in a claypot ... but says "Entrees are less reliable" ... (Gael Greene reviewed Mainland last week) ... 1081 Third Ave. between East 63rd and 64th, 212-888-6333 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Frank Bruni gives 1 star to Bette ... "The Rich, Dished Up to the Famous" ... "a preserve for beautiful people that also happens to serve food" ... that is "either refreshingly straightforward or stunningly unimaginative" ... we can hardly wait to go ... 461 West 23rd Street, 212-366-0404 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Jules at The Bruni Digest ... also looks at Bette ... "Bette (Part II): Still Irrelevant After All These Weeks" ... "Frank reconfirms that Bette is a vanity trough with a nice interior, great fries and oddly heavy fare." ... she also posted "Taboon: Norwegian Woody" ... the best part is "The Elton John of cooking implements."

The Amateur Gourmet went to a few restaurants this week ...including ... Cafe Gray, and says, "the food at Cafe Gray is 3-star food, not 2-star food." ... liked the Braised Short Rib of Beef ... and concludes, "If you're looking for a ritzy gourmet dinner that'll cost a pretty penny but excite your palate, I say go Gray. Ask for a table near the kitchen." ... 10 Columbus Circle, 212-823-6338 [MenuPages | Citysearch] .. he liked the tomato cucumber feta salad at Mary's Fish Camp ... 64 Charles St., 646-486-2185 [MenuPages | Citysearch] ... thought the "hamburger tasted like meatloaf ... (concluding) food at 21 is pretty ok and pretty expensive for just being pretty ok. Yet, I think it can be said you don't go there for the food." ... but the best part was the bathroom ... 21 West 52nd Street, 212-582-7200 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Adam Platt reviews BLT Prime and Craftbar in "Sizing Up: At Craftbar and BLT Prime, bigger is not necessarily always better." ... "I don’t quite know why the same pork chop tends to taste better in a small restaurant than in a larger one, but it does." ... see more reviews of BLT Prime below ... Craftbar, 900 Broadway at East 20th Street, 212-461-4300 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Tables for Two didn't like "BLT Prime"... "There's little to complain about, but not much that will transport you, especially on the steak end of the menu, where lightly seasoned slabs of beef are excellently turned out but hardly exceptional." ... and "The sundaes, though, might be considered the place's mascot: excessive, indulgent, and forgettable." ...Ouch ... (Andrea Strong didn't like the desserts either) ... 111 East 22nd Street, 212-995-8500 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Moira Hodgson ... last week in The New York Observer ... says the service ... and the food ... are hit or miss ... at Table XII ... "the food ranges from wonderful to bizarre, and the service varies from charming to rude." ... do you feel lucky? ... "This Table Looks Opulent, But the Dishes Are Uneven" ... 109 East 56th Street (in the Lombardy Hotel), 212-750-5656 [MenuPages | Citysearch]
This week, she reviews Plate NYC ... "If you wander into Plate NYC during the day, you won’t find a restaurant; you’ll find a shop and a bar." ... 264 Elizabeth Street, 212-219-9212 [MenuPages | Citysearch]

Gotham Gal declares, "Hands down the best place on the entire Eastern End of Long Island is the Clam Bar." 2025 Montauk Highway, Amagansett, 631-267-6348 [Citysearch]

Gael Greene says it's "It’s shakedown time" at Perry Street ...

but Andrea Strong liked Perry Street ... "a rare and lovely restaurant" ... had "a salad that may be one of the most exquisite and exciting compositions I have eaten all summer." ... and has tips for getting a table ... 176 Perry Street just off West Side Hwy, 212-352-1900 [Citysearch]


Subway maps | schedules | HopStop

Did we miss your favorite review? Want to see your review here next week?

Let us know: aguyinnewyork [at] gmail ... we're especially interested in hearing from NYC bloggers ...

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"100 Ways to Say Delicious"

Attention aspiring food bloggers, The Kitchen Review posts "100 Ways to Say Delicious" ... but we only see 32 ... congratulations on the 100th post!

Update: now up to One Hundred and Ten Ways to Say Delicious ....

The Amateur Gourmet's 1000th post is "My 1000th Post: How To Start a Food Blog" ... (pssssst, "filters" are also called "editors") ... congratulations on the 1000th post!

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Frank Bruni vs William Grimes

The Amateur Gourment is running a Food Wars poll ... on who was/is the better restaurant critic at the NYT ... the current critic, Frank Bruni ... or Wiliam Grimes, who left that beat in late 2003 ...

Read More »

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Pizza introduced to NYC 100 years ago

The Food Timeline says that pizza was introduced to NYC 100 years ago this year ... and "According to the food historians the introduction of pizza to New York City is attributed to Gennaro Lombardi when he opened up his pizzeria at 53 1/2 Spring Street in 1905." ... Thank you Mr. Lombardi!

Pizza is still served at 53 Spring Street today ... at Gatsby's ... 212-334-4430

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Food Loop

Our bleg for more info about thefoodloop has been answered ... kind of ... today the NYT published "For Ease of Wrapping, a Loop in Time Saves Nine" ...

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New York Food Blogs

We're putting together a list of NYC food blogs, especially those that review restaurants.

If your favorite NYC food blog isn't on our list (scroll down), let us know.

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Unisphere in Queens

A sight instantly recognizable, the Unisphere was built for the 1964-1965 World's Fair by U.S. Steel. Made of stainless steel and 120 feet in diameter, the Unisphere is the unofficial symbol of Queens. The site of the Fair is now Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which is also home to Shea Stadium, the USTA National Tennis Center, New York Hall of Science, and the Queens Museum of Art.

According to the Queens Courier (August 10, 2005), the Unisphere will be renovated in 2006 to repair the surrounding fountains.

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Movies Under the Stars - Bob Fosse - August 17, 8:30 pm

Movies Under the Stars

Sweet Charity, (1969) ... Starring: Shirley MacLaine, Chita Rivera and Sammy Davis, Jr. ... Director: Bob Fosse ... Shirley MacLaine triumphs as Charity Hope Valentine, an incurable optimist who happens to work at a seedy dime-a-dance joint. A hooker with a heart of gold, Charity's search for true love is beautifully captured in Fosse's stylistic film debut and features signature Fosse choreography and musical gems by the incomparable Cy Coleman.

Wednesday, August 17, 8:30pm, Riverside Park South, Pier I @ 70th Street ... bring a chair, blanket and picnic!

Peter appraised Bob Fosse's estate ... had the opportunity to examine and hold his Oscar ... see you at the movie!

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Blog from MS Word

If your blog is hosted on Blogger, you can now publish to your blog directly from MS Word using the new "Blogger for Word toolbar." ... sure makes spell-checking easier ...

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Nadine Haobsh - Gothamist interview

Gothamist interviews "Nadine Haobsh, beauty journalist and 'Jolie in NYC' blogger" ... she lost her job after she was personally identified, losing her blogging anonymity ... we know at least one 14 year-old who will want to read this ...

The interview covers

her formative teen makeup applications, the truth about press trips, male grooming habits, the inevitable (but long-planned) forthcoming roman a clef, her dream job at MTV and why Lindsay Lohan needs a makeover immediately.

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forgotten NY Two Bridges Tour - August 20, 2005

forgotten NY is sponsoring a walking tour of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges on Saturday, August 20, 2005, starting at 4:15 pm at the Woolworth Building. Only $10. Tour limited to 50 people.

Reservation required. See this page for details.

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State of the Subways Report Card

John-Boy at NYC Metroblog, who rides the G train, is looking for a fight over who has the "suckiest train" with anyone who rides the N train ... in "Straphangers? Where are these Straps? Is this S&M?"

gothamist has links to articles in the Post and Newsday ... and says "If [we] were a conspiracy buff, we'd say the 6 is the best line because Mayor Bloomberg usually takes it from his townhouse, but we're not anything like that." ...

Articles are also available from NYT, NY1, and WABC .

The findings of

1. The best subway line in the city is the 6, with a "MetroCard Rating" of $1.35.

2. The worst subway line is the N, with a MetroCard Rating of 60 cents.

4. There are great disparities in how subway lines perform.

Links to the Straphangers Ratings

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Was your entree Cryovacked? Sous vide cooking

Watermelon with the texture of steak ... fried mayonnaise ... possible with sous vide cooking, which is cooking food packed in vacuum-pack bags slowly ...

Sous Vide has been around since the late 1960's, when food-grade plastic films and vacuum packing were mastered by French and American engineers and later manufactured under the aegis of the Cryovac division of the W. R. Grace Company.

Bruno Goussault is a scientist and economist who introduced sous vide cooking ...

A few weeks ago at Per Se, Thomas Keller's four-star restaurant in New York City, a waiter set a salad of diced watermelon and hearts of peach palm in front of me. "This is watermelon that has been Cryovacked," he explained. "It's something new we're doing. I think you will like it."
. . .
"Cryovacking" is an industry term for putting food in a plastic bag and vacuum-packing it. Sometimes the food is then cooked in the bag. Other times, the pressure of the packing process is used to infuse flavors into ingredients.
. . .
Dufresne, the chef at the innovative Manhattan restaurant WD-50, calls Goussault's contribution to cooking "monumental." The advancements he has made are on par with the invention of the food processor and the gas stove, Thomas Keller says, and they will be around forever. "With the Cuisinart," Keller says, "there was no one that came with it. You got the book inside. With sous vide, the technology is so complex and there are so many variables. The thing that comes with sous vide is Bruno."
. . .
Goussault discovered that keeping the temperature as low as possible and later cooling the food in several stages yielded a wildly different -- and tastier -- result.

"Under Pressure," by Amanda Hesser, NYT, August 14, 2005

Bakerina, however, says that "It has been almost 30 years since my stepdad was foolhardy enough to buy my mother a Daisy Seal-a-Meal for Christmas, almost 30 years since we took a pass at making big batches of stew, vacuum-sealing them, freezing them and reheating them in boiling-water bags, only to decide that the results weren't worth the added time, the cost of the Seal-a-Meal bags or the increased amount of plastic in our garbage, 30 years since we said goodbye to all that...."


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When in Virginia Beach, VA

Mimi Sheraton likes the crabs in Virginia Beach (a couple of hours south of Washington, DC) ... Chick's Oyster Bar ... Virginia Seafood Company's South End Pub ... Lucky Star ... Croakers Neighborhood Grill ... Coastal Grill ...

Beautiful eating, however, is the lure for me whenever I am beside the Chesapeake shores, in my experience the source of the world 's pearliest and most toothsome crab meat. ... As with lobsters when I am in Maine and oysters in Brittany, it was crabs that I built my daily meals on a recent five-day quest in Virginia Beach.

We'll have to check one of these out the next time we're in Virginia Beach for a soccer tournament ... see the article for restaurant addresses, hours and web links ...

"In Virginia Beach, Restaurants Where the Food Goes Sideways," by Mimi Sheraton, NYT, August 14, 2005

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blog depression ...

jmorrison has posted a very helpful guide to recognizing and dealing with blog depression ...

more and more bloggers are finding themselves disillusioned, dissatisfied, taking long breaks, and in many cases simply closing up shop.

"A Nonist Public Service Pamphlet" [via Right Moon?]

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"Subway Reefs"

Daily Refills has a post about how old NYC subway cars are dumped into the ocean to make reefs ...

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